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Books, books & more books – your guide to making the perfect reading corner
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Reading with our children is such an important experience, for both of us. It brings us closer as a family and builds on our relationships, it takes us on magical adventures to distant lands, it introduces us to all kinds of fantastic characters and it broadens our minds, and the minds of our little ones. Not forgetting the academic side of things too!

So, with this in mind, here you’ll find a few handy tips and helpful ideas of how you can make the perfect reading corner for you little one and you to enjoy.


There’s nothing worse than straining your eyes whilst trying to read. It makes it more hard work and it can also hurt your eyes! So, shed a little light on the subject and introduce some bright lighting solutions. A big corner lamp, or an overhead lighting fixture is the best way to cast light. Or if you’re looking for something modern then try some LED lighting. You can find some LED lighting solutions on this website.

Choosing your reading corner

One of the rules of any reading corner is that it should be a TV free zone. When you read together the last thing you want is any distractions. It doesn’t need to be something that takes up a lot of space either. Just a quiet spot where you, or dad or grandma and grandpa can sit and join in the reading fun.

Make it oh, so inviting

Reading isn’t a chore. But with so many other distractions and toys and fun to be had, it can easily get pushed down the entertainment list. So, make sure that the reading corner you have in mind is cosy, inviting and welcoming. Or, better still let your children make some of the decisions, it could be the choice of colour, selecting some of their artwork to hang on the walls or let them paint the letters of their name to decorate with.. It’ll give them a sense of importance and they’ll be more inclined to spend even more time there!

Everyone likes to get comfortable when they’re reading. And the cosier you are, the more you’ll not want to move! Maybe choose a reading chair that’s big enough for mummy or daddy and your little one to join you on.

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Perhaps a little sofa that’s covered in colourful, vibrant throws and squishy pillows. Or if your space is a little more limited, why not try some jazzy coloured bean bags instead?

Your books and how to store them

The most important ingredient in any reading corner, is a good supply of books! And of course, somewhere to store them all. Make sure the books are in reach and the front covers displayed so your real little ones can easily choose their next adventure. An open book shelf, a book sling, shelving or even storage cubes will do the job nicely.

Go on, get reading!

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