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Wrists Don’t Get Fat: Bracelets

Wrists Don’t Get Fat: Bracelets

I have previously written on this blog about how frustrating it is to go shopping as a pregnant woman. There are always beautiful clothes you want to buy that won’t fit over the bump and you don’t know how big your boobs or even your arse will be after you’ve given birth. It took me 12 months to regain my pre-pregnancy figure after Elfie was born, and then I was pregnant again straight away. Therefore from winter 2009 to now I have bought clothes spanning four sizes. It’s a tough time for a shopping fan.

But one part of your body that doesn’t swell when you’re pregnant? Your wrists! (You hope) Bracelets are an easy purchase, and I got well into them when I was too bump-y to fit into anything else. I’ve really enjoyed the colour and interest that old-school friendship style bracelets bring to an outfit and the fact you can mix them up to create different looks.

These skull bracelets by Elkin have featured far and wide in the print fashion mags recently and I have loved plotting what colours to buy next (the full range can be purchased online from POP The Fashion Store, from £35). Wear them dark and moody, as in the Telegraph, or in complimentary girly colours like mine. I like to stack them with these leather and brass bracelets (£7.50) from Paper & Chain, a gorgeous homegrown Jewellery brand from  Worcester-based Ismay and Naomi. A couple of cheap Primark metal bangles are added and my wrists are dressed!

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  • Your wrist looks stunning, Alice! ;) I think you need one more skull there. I feel a pushing present coming on, courtesy of POP The Fashion Store, of course!x

  • I love Paper & Chain! We featured them in dashing magazine and I bought one of their bracelets. In fact this post has just reminded me how much I love bracelets, I might have to buy some more online right now.

  • Oh how I wish! My wrists ballooned when I was pregnant. Fluid retention is so cruel. Handbags – now that’s an accessory that always fits.


    K xx

    • Argh you poor thing!! I suffered hugely with swelling in my fingers the first time around and had to wear my rings around my neck.

      Handbags- now that’s an accessory I can get on board with x

  • They are sooo cool! Love bracelets!

    I have already expanded my rings after my first pregnancy meant walking around sans engagement and wedding bands for 9 months (your ring is beautiful by the way) and I’ve just had a bespoke amathyst and diamond ring made for me (to celebrate this pregnancy)-it was one of a pair of earrings lost in the park so all about recycling! I need my bling over these months!

    • Yay you’re not spammed!! I also had to take my rings off when pregnant with E and wore them on a chain around my neck. Your new ring sounds amazing, I love amethyst x

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