Win! An Everdure by Heston BBQ Worth £599 from Kettler

Summer is so close I can almost smell it, and over here the season smells like cut grass, SPF 40 and, our absolute favourite, BBQs.

In our house we’ve always been a fan of the BBQ, and it’s one of my favourite methods of cooking. The kids love it too – sausages, chicken, vegetables (yeah right – sweetcorn if you’re lucky) – and the start of summer always heralds the firing up of our outdoor grill.

It’s a real family situation. BBQs take time to execute properly (oh yes they do – here’s my recipe for the best BBQ you’ll ever have) so the children help out with the marinade, the sausage decisions (caramelised onion or Cumberland?) and toss the salad. I make a massive jug of Pimms, stick the beers on ice and invite the grandparents round to get stuck into the meat.

I can’t tell you how many Friday evenings we’ve enjoyed this way: chatting on the patio with something cold in the right hand and another warm and chargrilled in the left. The children run riot around the garden way past their bedtime while the grownups look on, full of meat and the summer.

It’s such a lovely way to re-connect after a long week. To relax, laugh, and enjoy a good bellyful of good food cooked well.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to bring you this amazing competition from Everdure by Heston. I have one of their wonderful FORCE BBQs – worth £599 – so you too can while away long summer evenings cooking in the garden with your friends and family. YUM!

Win a BBQ

This BBQ has been manufactured in cahoots with Heston Blumenthal so you know it’s going to be top-notch. It features a massive cooking area with 2 high-performance burners, the ability to sear instantly (YES!!) and an extra-high hood for convection cooking. It is, quite simply, the daddy of foodie BBQs, and I can’t wait to throw a steak and some sausages (caramelised onion) on mine.

It’s so easy to enter, simply follow the steps below. GOOD LUCK!

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Terms and Conditions: Entries received after the time of competition close will not be counted. UK residents only. Winner will be selected at random after the closing date and will be notified within 3 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. Kettler is responsible for delivery of the prize, a FORCE BBQ.

  1. I Love spending Saturday evenings at home with family and friends… we play silly games, eat and drink. Its the best

  2. I love it when I wake up and the sun is shining through the window. It means that I start the day with a smile and it cheers everyone up

  3. For me, it’s the little things, family walks with the dog, a trip to the beach or just a simple family movie night!

  4. Just love taking my little baby grandson for walks in the woods, alongside the River Tamar he loves seeing the swans and ducks, hearing the birds and plodding along in his wellies

  5. It’s spending a warm day on the local riverbank catching tiddlers and solving the World’s problems.

  6. Waking up to a purring kitty cat snuggled against me. A simple little thing but it starts the day off perfectly for me!

  7. I think sunshine always brings about the best times, from enjoying my morning cuppa on the decking to heading to the beach with my hubby and the dogs – a little bit of sunshine never fails to bring a smile to my face x

  8. Getting in some gaming time. a rare commodity these days but always welcome. I’ve always enjoyed watching the sun come up as well, some very comforting about seeing in the start of a new day.

  9. We love to go camping in the summer, sitting together playing card games under canvas feels so special, especially if we treat ourselves to toasted marshmallows on the BBQ!

  10. i love saturdays! spend the morning shopping with my dad and daughter, lunch and coffee then we spend the afternoon doing arts and crafts then movie night!

  11. My special moments include those little chats on the way home from nursery with my little man and actually learning something new from them every single day ;)

  12. When the sun comes out i love to just sit in the garden with a cuppa whilst the children play nicely together

  13. On a warm day I like enjoying a glass of something chilled on the patio as the sun goes down over the trees.

  14. I love spending quality time with my children, our favourite activity is puddle jumping, if the weathers not on our side we make the puddles :)

  15. I live weekends with hubby, when we are free to do whatever we want….or just nothing at all, lounging in the garden with brunch and the papers!

  16. Going out for a walk with my four dogs very early in the morning,surrounded by countryside and not another person to be seen, just mindfully walking x

  17. Being able to spend time in my garden watching my seeds sprout & turning into vegetables & flowers. I get so excited every time I see a little bit of green!

  18. At this time in my life, the best of times happen when I get to spend time with my niece. Just last week she stayed with us for the weekend. We had a little barbeque and played in the garden all day. I couldn’t have been happier.

  19. I love spending quality time with my Family. My two children are always so happy and have so much love for each other! Love conquers all :)

  20. Sitting on the couch snuggled up with my grandchild, reading one of our favourite books. It feels like a little bubble of bliss :) x

  21. For me it is the precious moments with my new born grandson – I know time will fly so quickly and I want to absorb as many memories as I can now

  22. Mines having my niece and nephew over to play – I work long hours so it doesn’t happen as much as I like but we always have great fun.

  23. Early morning walk with my little family to the cafe to have some pastries and a warm drink then a lovely walk back home exploring nearby streets and sometimes getting lost ;D

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