WIN! An Amazon Fire 7 Worth £49.99

By now you’ll know how much we love our Amazon Fire 7 tablets. They’ve been little heroes for us this holiday: we’ve taken them abroad, they’ve entertained in the ‘I’m booooored’ moments and they’ve even helped me grab an hour’s peace so I can get over my New York jet lag.

Win an Amazon Fire 7 Win an Amazon Fire 7

So I’m delighted to tell you that Amazon have kindly given us an extra Fire 7, worth £49.99, to give away on the blog to a lucky reader of More Than Toast.

This is a model in red that will be perfect to entertain a little (or a big!) one these summer holidays. This fully-featured bestselling tablet comes with Alexa, has a 7″ display and comes with 8GB of storage, upgradeable to 256GB with expandable storage. On the tablet you can enjoy millions of movies and TV shows as well as Kindle eBooks, apps and games – including Amazon Video, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify and Instagram. And of course, Fire for Kids!

If Spiderman approves, you know it’s good…

Win an Amazon Fire 7

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is enter using the easy Rafflecopter below: I want to know how you entertain your kids during the holidays so leave a comment and log your entry to be entered into the prize draw. Good luck!

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  1. I have a 3 and a half year old so all of our usual daily haunts are really busy during the school hols. So we spend a lot of time near or at home. Some movies. In the garden. Loads of puzzles and a trip to the local charity shop once a week to stock up on “new” exciting toys.

  2. I was a bit apprehensive as we approached the summer holidays. How on earth was I going to fill the days? I’ve come to realise that just being outside exploring or experiencing something new as a family is better than any extortionately priced theme park any day! It’s the little things that count and make memories.

  3. I’m lucky that she goes to my sisters for two separate weeks, then I have two weeks off and then the other two is at Nanny’s each day. Because it’s not at home day in, day out there’s less time to be bored.
    When at home we have a list of things we’d like to do then pick one for each day. Sometimes it’s chill day (ie tablet) sometimes just a walk in the park. I don’t fill each day with loads of things, it’s good to be bored sometimes!

  4. I have two boys that are five and two years old. I’m spending the holidays watching them play and fight with each other! My regular soundtrack at the moment is the sound of Lego dropping to the floor! We have had our best days so far at our favourite place ‘Cliveden NT’ climbing trees, playing cricket, picnics and eating ice creams.

  5. My Daughter is 6 and we’ve started the Couch to 5k running program together. It gets us both moving and makes up for the extra screen time over Summer. A win for both of us.

  6. It’s all about the planning for us. My boy as autism and struggles with the holiday change in routine. So we plan out the days and often visit he same places. Thank goodness for free museums on rainy days!! Otherwise it’s a lot of trips to the park and play dates.

  7. Lots of trips and places to visit – create a spotting guide and ask lots of questions as we go around, Nothing worse than going somewhere and they are really bored! Doesn’t have to cost anything either :)

  8. Anywhere with water for my little boy (3yo) – especially splash parks, swimming pools for rainy days and lakes/rivers/streams to throw stones in for hours on end!

  9. We go to a local country park to feed the ducks (costs me a small fortune in duck food) and take a picnic or have cake in the coffee shop.

  10. In an ideal world we’d be outside all day, everyday. However, the Great British weather doesn’t always allow for this (although I’ve been told today there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!).

  11. We have picnics in our garden and down on our local beach. We go out walking in the countryside with our dog. On cooler days we might go to the cinema, watch a movie, bake or do arts and crafts!

  12. I try to do a variety of things each week – one thing that costs a bit (e.g. visit to a theme park), lots of free activities (library, geocaching etc) and friends over to break it up. I don’t want it to be to regimented but without some things planned it can be a bit long and/or expensive!!

  13. plenty of walks in the country picnics etc also playing games on the local park. Cinema if there is a suitable film.

  14. How do you entertain your kids during the summer holidays? Let me know in the comments below! . . . . . they come to me their grandma and have a whale of a time . . . . .my house – my rules

  15. My favourite way to entertain my little 8 month old nephew is when it’s raining as it’s so easy – put rollers in my hair and wiggle them around in front of him and he goes absolutely hysterical! The best kind of entertainment is free :)

  16. Garden and playgrounds when it’s sunny (and some more expensive stuff like farmparks and themeparks from time to time). Playdates at each other houses and softplay for rainy days.

  17. National Trust membership has been invaluable as there are plenty of indoor and outdoor places of interest to visit.

  18. Days out. Trips to the park, and other ares of interest. Swimming, and if all else fails, time to tidy your bedrooms!

  19. Take advantage of the free summer activities that are going on in local parks in the area. We took our kids to the ‘kids run free’ event for the first time today and they will be going back next time. A good way to tire them out so they are not bickering all the time!

  20. We like to enjoy trips to the seaside for fun on the beach and also trips to our local country park to feed the ducks. On rainy days, plenty of Orchard Toys games and Duplo.x

  21. At the moment we are just spending lots of time with our gorgeous little puppy Toby, he is keeping us all busy and worn out.

  22. My children are older now, but we used to go to the local parks a lot, build obstacle courses in the garden, play board games etc.

  23. We have a generation of pre schoolers so it is always easy to give them each a bucket and spade and let them play on the beach but rainy days are a little more tricky!

  24. a different activity every day promised if they are good. Beach, riverside cycling, Big Fun Hosue, Swim Float fun, Kite flying, picnic,…

  25. We love our 3 local parks and woods for bug searches, decorating the garden path with chalk painting stones and the beach is a favorite for everyone including the dog! :)

  26. We have been making use of the Mini Mornings at the cinema and hopefully when the weather picks up we will be off to the seaside for a few picnics :-)

  27. Lots of outdoor activities rain or shine! Walks, searching for mini beasts, den building, all help to wear her out!

  28. I seem to have over booked ourselves this summer if I’m honest. I was so apprehensive – my son gets 9 weeks off – and so I went a bit club crazy (camping, tennis, rugby, karate…. surfing!) as it turns out, he has loved just plain old pottering about the house! We have had some lovely afternoons of board games, and some lovely national trust walks. Dare I say it (5 weeks still to go till school starts!) but I think it’s been a lovely summer so far!

  29. My little boy is into mud; mud pies, mud puddles, mud in a bucket, mud in his hair etc etc so we are spending a lot of time in the garden or park and then in the bath! X


  31. We go to the beach, the park, the lakes, walks in the forest, swimming, go for picnics, have friends around, do baking and crafts.

  32. we love to do cooking, easy things like cupcakes are fun especially to decorate! also great fun to build dens and forts, play dress up with the back of the wardrobe, or have a dance off!

  33. Well, there’s the car to be cleaned, the house painted and the garden to be weeded. Once they’ve done that there’s a leak on the bathroom sink that needs sorting. Some of the roof tiles are missing. Little Emily can sort them out, she’s okay with heights. Whilst she’s up there she can point the chimney.

    The front gate seems to have slipped and is scraping the ground as it opens and shuts, so one of them can look into that. The back wall is a bit wobbly, so that will need knocking down and putting back up again. Joe likes his lego so he should be good at that. I reckon by the end of August the guttering will need cleaning out again too.

    It beats taking them to the seaside with all the other kids, doesn’t it? What will they learn there? I’m preparing them for the toil and drudgery of existence.

    Just kidding…I don’t need the chimney pointing.

  34. I have a 7 year old and a 4 month old. We have been to the local park and taken a ball, bike and scooter depending on what she wants to play with while we are there, great fun and exercise is great for both of us plus the baby gets some fresh air. On other days we watch Disney films and do a bit baking cakes and decorating them.

  35. We love going to the local park, as well as to the local attraction places such as art galleries and museum. If the weather isn’t great then we do some cooking and baking :)

  36. Write lots of different activities on little pieces of paper, from nature hunts, to play doh, to baking, to watching a film together. Pop all the suggestions in a jar and everyday they can pick one of two idea’s out the jar! :)

  37. We go to the park a lot. We also set up the paddling pool in the garden. All this is when the weather is nice. When it’s not, Mr Tumble helps a lot.

  38. We do loads of outside activities ……..playing games in the garden, collecting natural things and making them into something fantastic! We also love cooking together and making dough to play with. We go swimming and to the cinema.

  39. Our favourite place to go is the beach! You can scoot along the prom, dig for shells, build octopus houses, paddle in the sea – there are so many options all in one place! Not forgetting the ability to buy chips and ice cream!

  40. I’m in survival mode with a 3 1/2 year old and a 3 week old at the moment! So it’s lots of outside activities to wear out the toddler: park, local forest, garden and then once 5pm strikes, Cbeebies and the TV are my best friends. Happy Holidays, Alice. x

  41. We try to be outdoors as much as possible, Archie loves running around like a loon. But YouTube is always great when I need 5 minutes to get dressed or go to the loo. Anything Spider-Man related or kids opening kinder eggs is a big hit!

  42. Hiding from all the big kids in our usual places, as my little boy is 1! Lots of picnics in the parks and wearing him out running around the playground.

  43. all the usual stuff, park, ice cream, picnics etc…but…when it rains we go out and dance in the rain. yup…we’re a bit weird like that :)

  44. We try and go out a lot whether that be to the park or to the swimming pool, we go on lots of walks on the beach with our family lab and we go to see their grandparents too.

  45. Days out when possible but not always things that cost a lot of money. Sometimes just a countryside walk can be fun.

  46. We think of some fun things to do, write them each on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. And then each day we pick something out and do it. Keeps things interesting and fun!

  47. They are most happy when riding their bikes so we try and go places where they can do a lot of that! Wears them out too!

  48. Lots of trips to the park, on scooters or bikes, meeting friends there, playing ball games and having picnic lunches there

  49. We have a list of to do’s and tick them off and add more as we go e.g find the most amazing picnic spot, board game morning( every Sunday), seaside trip , different craft activities! We are slowly running out! Next on our list is make Super pretty Birthday decorations for my youngest who’s one next month x

  50. Being so close to the beach we’ve been there lots. But so far on the days we have all had together we’ve baked every time! Biscuits, cakes, the lot. Forget worrying how I shall entertain them, how am I going to get rid of the Summer holidays bloat? ????

  51. I have my grandson two days over the holidays and we bake cakes or paint pictures in the mornings and in the afternoon we go down the beach or park so he can run around and tire himself out, hopefully.

  52. We go for several hike in the country, my 3 love walking its healthy great fresh air and we learn all about the world

  53. Visit as many friends and families as possible, trips to the local parks (try and alternate them), baking together, reading, watching films, water games if the weather is nice etc.

  54. I get so many ideas from great blogs…just like yours. It’s brilliant to read what other families get up to and you get a true sense of what works and what doesn’t through honest opinion. x

  55. We get the kids to put on a play or a magic show. Using the dress up clothes and props from around the house. And we film it – which makes for great memories!

  56. Hi Alice, my two lovelies are a bit older now but my youngest still gets terribly bored. She has my active gene I’m afraid so I try and do at least one exciting thing a week for her. My favourite thing at the mo is the which costs £6.99 (I don’t work for them or anything I just think they’re such a good idea) for a printable treasure trail adventure and takes about 2 hours to complete. You can do them anywhere in the UK so we’ve done a couple of local ones and are planning to do Stratford Upon Avon in the hols as both girls are studying Shakespeare next year. They’re great fun that we all enjoy, After all, who doesn’t love an adventure………..

  57. Picnics in the park walks by the river and playing down the beach, arts and crafts and movie days for when it is wet

  58. I used to dread them. Make a long list of activities, both indoor and outdoor, and the children picked one at random each day. It helped but not much.

  59. We’re lucky in that we live a 5 min walk from our lovely park, a walk there with a break for a coffee and babycinno followed by a picnic is a lovely way to spend the day (if the weather obliges!)

  60. This year I bought a slider for my little ones and it has honestly been my best purchase this year! The little ones absolutely love it they have been spending hours per day on it, they even didn’t want to go to the beach one day because they were having so much fun on the slider
    I think if you have plenty things in your garden for them to play with they are happy!
    A rainy day in is good too, we set up the indoor tent and have an indoor picnic and movie day

  61. Today we’ve been sat in the garden and playing with the kids. Baby starting to crawl on a blanket and the other 3 riding on toys. They’ve also been playing with wooden shape jigsaws and generally having a great time. There’ll be days out and maybe a camping trip too :)

  62. My little boy is only 1 so we’re a way off finding ways to amuse ourselves in the summer hols. Some great ideas here though

  63. Totally abusing the fact that my 2.5yo and 4.5yo still think being ‘mummy’s little helpers’ is a great game and making them help me with laundry, weeding the patio, doing the shop etc!!!

  64. We’re all about the cheap cinema screenings for kids & plenty of play dates – strength in numbers, right? Have also taken my eldest to a couple of shows that she’s loved – Tiddler & Other Tales which was fab, & What the Ladybird Heard that she also loved

  65. I make sure I have lots of craft ideas for rainy days! I also make the most of free spaces and adventures like the local nature reserves and parks

  66. We have trips to coast and countryside to vary the destinations a little bit and also the things to do when we get there

  67. During the parts of the holiday where we are staying home I try to organise za mixture of activities both inside the house and out. Like craft and baking indoors. And outdoors it will be everything from picnics in the park with friends to activities in the library.

  68. my daughter loves swimming so during the holidays we will go twice a week. also we enjoy playing cricket ater tea :)

  69. We are very lucky to have a play park around the corner so we make use of this a lot during summer, anything to get out of the house!

  70. My daughter writes a holiday bucket list with things she’d like to do when she has free time. So far we’ve been to an art gallery, collected some shells and done some painting. There are lots more activities to keep her busy until September!

  71. My family enjoy visiting the beach and taking fishing nets and buckets to the rock pools to see what fun things we can find. We also love setting up the tent in the garden and this provides hours of fun for the kids to play inside .

  72. Playing in the garden on the trampoline or in the pool, failing that a few trips to local parks and woods to run around and burn of energy

  73. Lots of walks and playing outside, we have annual passes for the local zoo and national trust properties. Arts and crafts or baking when it’s rainy.

  74. This year I have been very organised, leafing through all the local papers and websites to find lots of local activities and free days out and writing them on the calendar.

  75. My girls are 5 &7 and they have a 6 month old baby brother. The older two love being in the garden come rain or shine making potions with water, sticks, leaves, flowers. I give them loads of old pots, bowl and spoons and away they go!

  76. Swimming and the cinema make for happy days out and trips to seaside , local parks and woods which the furry member of the family enjoys too :)

  77. They love walking the dog, so i take them whenever i go out. Just got a kitten as well so they are learning about taking care of him at the moment.

  78. Lots of visits to the local library. They run craft and activity sessions as well as an endless supply of books!

  79. I feel like I’ve achieved something if I manage to drag my teenager out of his bedroom long enough to go for a walk these days! All he wants to do is play computer games.

  80. It used to be lots of days out at the sea for us as we lived on the coast but we are now ‘mainland’ so this year it is lots of travelling to various family and friends.

  81. Change of scenery is a big thing in our house and fresh air. Apart from that an afternoon on the sofa watching films never goes amiss.

  82. We have a great park cafe near us which has a huge park outside and then inside sells delicious food at reasonable prices and also has an indoor play area for the littler ones and a book corner for the bigger ones incase the weather turns sour. That place has been a godsend so far this holiday!

  83. I book him in for a morning playscheme, we then have lunch and go to the park, a museum or the city farm.

  84. I give my son free run of the recycling box, a pair of scissors and multiple rolls of cellotape and he will sit for hours building boats and flying cars. I then try not to moan about the mess.

  85. If it’s warm then a walk to the park/beach or play in the garden if it’s cold and wet then we play board games, build dens and watch movies

  86. Living in Yorkshire is a real blessing when having a child. During the summer I and my four year old and partner go for walks in the countryside, which my four-year-old loves. Being in Halifax, we now have the Piece hall back too and he loves that.

  87. My kids have all the toys in the world but prefer playing with cushions, hosepipes, brooms, basically anything that isnt a toy will give them hours of fun.

  88. Days out, beach, park, library, catching up with friends, art and crafts, imaginative play, out in the garden – as little screen time as possible!

  89. We go camping for about half of the holidays and explore the local area wherever we are. We spend the rest of the time exploring from home or playing games. We have lots of lie ins and the odd pj day too!

  90. This year we are finding the summer holidays super exciting as it’s the first with two little ones so my big boy is just loving being with his little bro all day wherever and whatever we are doing! We are most enjoying walks and picnics just keeping it simple whilst mummy adjusts to life with two!

  91. They visit their grandparents on my work days (2.5 days a week) We go to the park, bake, play board games. watch films, pick your own, cinema, library, museum, play in the garden, drawing, reading, ipads, National trust trips and beach.

  92. Trips to the park, craft, visiting family and she goes to a childminder 3 days a week which keeps her busy,

  93. We have a club down the road from us who organise days out and lots of activities, and they have a week away on holiday with us

  94. I make sure she has fresh air and exercise every day because otherwise she gets a bit… destructive. I love being able to get out into nature with her.

  95. A mix of days out to bigger attractions, trips to the park and really low key days where we are still in our pjs at lunch time seems to be working. Also play dates for the win.

  96. We watch Christmas movies. I get the kids to help wrap packages and put on the bows and we play outside when the weather is good.

  97. My son is almost 1 and loves his toy tablet, and has an interest in phones already. This would be great for letting him watch paw patrol on prime video.

  98. During the summer I entertain my little one with outdoor activities like growing flowers and fruit in the garden, or splashy fun in the paddling pool (if the sun’s shining!)

  99. Like most of the comments we also go to the park a lot, but the walk to the park is always fun and enjoyable. We have 3 parks in our small town with 2 by the river side which is always nice in summer.

  100. i’m a schoolteacher so have 6 full weeks off with my 2, I find lots of free activities like the summer reading challenge at the library and riding our bikes at the park

  101. We spend a lot of time exploring our local parks, taking a picnic keeps the cost down. If its warm we enjoy a day on the beach and if the weathers bad board games or painting is always fun

  102. This is one time of year that I am really glad we live a 5 minute walk from a sandy beach. Obviously there are drawbacks to living by the sea as the town is so busy at this time of year that it is difficult to get everyday chores done, but the beaches (the other one takes 10 minutes to walk to) are big enough for everyone.

  103. Depending on the weather it varies from long walks in the forest, a day at the beach complete with picnic, helping in the garden, making tray bakes to just watching videos or crafty things like making our own advent calendars!!! Anything to keep them busy xx

  104. We had a family holiday for the first 10 days, then we have used our membership to drayton manor and the local adventure farm on the nice weather days. On bad weather days we turn the lunge into a ‘ cinema’watch a family film with snacks or get the go of craft materials out. Trips out with school friends always make them excited too

  105. Outdoors everyday! Look to see what free events are on locally, lots to do in our local area. We picnic, rock hop, collecting in the local nature reserve, kids pop up cinema, street art, yarn bombing, den making, play days in the park with other families and we arrange our own sports tournaments, local litter picking, blackberry picking, fishing… :)

  106. We just came back from a great holiday in Tenerife and we usually go to Paris to visit family. Otherwise in the UK we do have days out and plan activities at home.

  107. we have duvet days, gaming, baking cakes, watching films etc on rainy days, trips to the swimming pool, we are going to the black country museum this week and have plans for nice walks if the weather brightens up

  108. mixture of things…. inside or out depending on the weather
    I love art and crafts so there is always plenty of messy makes and painting to do

  109. I always arrange lots of craft things to do and drawing – painting – colouring! My kids absolutely love crafts so it works out great for keeping them entertained and I really love to draw and make things too!

  110. We try to go outdoors as often as possible, even if it just to the park down the road. If not and if it’s a nice day we set up the paddling pool, sprinkler and hose in the garden and watch chaos ensue ????

  111. We try to go outdoors as often as possible, even if it just to the park down the road. If not and if it’s a nice day we set up the paddling pool, sprinkler and hose in the garden and watch chaos ensue ????

  112. We go swimming a lot. My boys love it, and our local pool is really good, providing lots of rafts and inflatable sessions, and even a pool party!

  113. Taking long, healthy walks in the glorious weather and gambolling around in the garden, topped off with a delicious summer BBQ – bliss! :)

  114. Before the start of the holidays we all sit down and write two lists. One for wet days and one for sunny days. We all throw in ideas like painting making cakes tidying the toy room taking the bus to town, etc for wet days and bike ride, library, picnic, etc for dry days. We tick them off as we do them and try very hard to finish the list. Its fun, usually costs nothing we all get to choose and it makes us focus and not waste time thing about what to do

  115. We spend lots of time at parks or National Trust. I try not to spend too much money in the summer hols as it can get expensive but the boys are happy. Plus dad has built them a den in the garden so they love to hang out there, I know Sidney would love to win one of these because his Mummy (me) is fed up of him using hers!!!

  116. We play hide-n-seek in the garden, visit the local playground, take the dog for long walks and also go to the beach!

  117. so far we have had a trip to tropical world, two different farms, eden camp, thackery medical museum and the cinema twice.

    We have loads more planned and even more if the weather gets better (silly rain!) we are off to the national media museum on saturday and was hoping to spend the day in the pool/fountain at bradford city park but not sure that the weather will pick up in time

  118. We spend a lot of time at our local pool with the grandchildren. Not sure who enjoys it most! Great fun. :)

  119. Lots of making use of the local parks and swimming! Lots of cooking and arts and crafts when the weather is bad (as it seems to be making a habit of this summer holidays…)

  120. if the weather is good then trips to the local parks and community farm. arts and crafts at home on rainy days and visiting family.

  121. Pinterest and baking on rainy days, otherwise we will spend lots of time in the garden and exploring the local countryside.

  122. Parks and swimming for the win! Anything that really tires thenippers out so I get a mid morning cuppa to myself as a reward. Also loving how well the four year old is doing at swimming!

  123. We love taking the bikes out we have visit our local parks and if it’s raining we do some colouring and making things

  124. I have two young boys aged 9 and 11. We spend our holidays fishing, camping, bowling, crazy golfing and going to the cinema. We also enjoy a duvet day now and again where we watch DVDs all day in our PJs.

  125. we have plenty of activities planned – when its rainy – visit to local museums (free in Wales) and cardiff castle (also free if your resident in the area) and crafts. When its dry we ave a big garden with plenty of toys, visits to the local park and bikes/scooters and skating and the beach

  126. I try and get them out and about as cheaply as possible!! the park is always a good one or when it’s raining I’ve taken them places like the local garden centre to see the fish, the farm shop to see the animals there and there’s a pet shop near us that has all sorts of tropical pets and they could spend ages there, all these ideas are free and that leaves money for a few decent days out too!

  127. living in the country side and just 10 min drive from the coast we have lots of trips to both we collect items on our travels and take lots of photos then on rainy days we can do scrapbooks and write comments about our trips

  128. I usually buy loads of crafts to keep them busy, but they usually finish with them the day i buy them, so other than that, I just shove them out in the garden and let them play together.

  129. We go on ‘adventures’ if the weathers good – the local park for a picnic, out spotting the wildlife – we try to keep it educational!
    If the weathers rubbish we spread a towel out on the living room carpet and have indoor picnics