Wills in Numbers

As soon as you become a parent there’s a whole host of stuff you have to consider that you’ve probably never thought about before. Of course, first comes all the pregnancy and baby-related stuff, but then there’s the heavier life admin: think pensions, life insurance and the ever-heavy will.

But some people love their pets more than others (occasionally that’s not a surprise!) and to lighten up the process of will writing, family law specialists The Law House have created this funny infographic to celebrate the richest animals and oddest humans on the planet. What’s more, they have also included some irreverent facts that’ll have your mind boggling: for example, did you know there was once a Portuguese aristocrat who left his fortune to 70 strangers he struck out of the Lisbon phone book? I’m starting to regret going ex-directory.

Read on for the funny facts and figures you never knew you needed to know about wills…

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