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Why you should travel off the beaten track
Mark Warner Lakitira

If the thought of an over-crowded Venice fills you with dread, or perhaps languishing on a beach in paradise – alongside hundreds of other Brits doesn’t quite tick your wanderlust boxes, you might want to consider heading off the beaten track. Get back to what travelling is about – exposing yourself to another culture, sampling the cuisine, learning new things, and discovering new sights. If you’re still not sold, here are some reasons you might want to reconsider your all-inclusive to Tenerife.

You’ll save money

While it may sound obvious, if a place isn’t as well known, the cost of accommodation, attractions, food, and transport are often much cheaper. It’s all about finding a place related to what you love or love to do – and then researching it!

More accommodation opportunities

If you like a last minute getaway to a tourist hotspot, especially in the height of season, if there is room at the inn, you’re often faced with high room rates, and limited dates. When you travel to a lesser-known location, you’re far more likely to get the accommodation you need, for the dates you want, at a price you can’t say no to!

Meet the locals

When you visit a touristy location you often don’t stop to think of the negative impact on the locals that live there. Often the cost of living increases for them, local haunts are overrun, and the impact on council run services such as rubbish collection, crowd control, as well as the infrastructure on public transport, affects their everyday life.

When you travel to less overrun areas, locals tend to be more welcoming of foreigners who have chosen to visit their home.

More authentic

Whilst traversing around well-known landmarks may sound like a safe option, you’ll get a more authentic traveller experience when venturing to lesser known locations. If unchartered destination sound a bit too daunting to go it alone, why not go with a group like Jules Verne? On specialist group holidays you’ll be with like-minded people and benefit from the expertise of a local guide.

Less stress

Travelling can be a stressful affair but travelling with children can be extra stressful – constantly. When there’s the added crowds to contend with, long queues for attractions, and noisy restaurants, the added pressure from stress can have an impact on your holiday – and your blood pressure. Avoid these extra stresses by choosing somewhere quieter. Where kids can have the freedom to explore, and you too can relax.

There’s a lot to look forward to when visiting a new location, and often the sense of anticipation will give you a renewed sense of wonder. So, what are you waiting for, go explore!



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