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Why Process is King In Your Small Business
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Starting a business from home is, undeniably, one of the most life-affirming things you can do. Nothing quite beats shaking the 9-5 and taking total control of your work life.

As much as this lifestyle is beneficial, though, it also comes with more pressure than your typical office job. Namely, complaints fall straight to you. There’s no such thing as a scapegoat or shared responsibility, and that can be tough. 

Despite these fears, it’s amazing how many home business owners wait until bad reviews come through to perfect certain aspects of business. Admittedly, there will be some cases where you won’t be able to tell what works without testing it. Improvements like these are the main reason why you should ask for feedback

Still, many home business owners some rookie mistakes which leave customers disappointed. As well as losing potentially loyal clients, errors like these could see you struggling to build your business. Instead of waiting until damage is done, then, you should take care of these three crucial areas from day one. 


Deliveries have to be the thing which gain the most complaints from any home business. Late deliveries or items which don’t show up at all are a sure way to earn yourself a red mark. By comparison, home companies who use next day couriers like Parcel2Go often tend to receive glowing 5-star reviews all around. The fact is that customers like their items to arrive by the date stated or before it. In the modern age, you certainly shouldn’t leave anyone waiting for a few weeks. Before deliveries become a problem, then, seek a reliable courier who offers a service that you and your customers can trust. 


Communication is another critical aspect of business which many entrepreneurs struggle with. Admittedly, it can be tough to keep on top when you’re running a company on your own. Still, taking the time to develop a user-friendly website with an easy to access contact page is vital. You should also take a set amount of time each day to answer queries as they come to you. Make sure, too, that you take the effort to email past customers and check whether they’re happy. It’s a small gesture which can go a long way towards improving the experience of shopping with you.


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Refunds are another vital aspect of home business. These are customers who are already unhappy, after all. You can bet they’ll soon grow frustrated if your refund policies are convoluted or nonexistent. Make sure, then, that you consider this as soon as you start sending products out. Make efforts to keep your refund processes simple, and be sure to outline these policies the moment customers buy from you. That way, you could turn potential complainants into happy customers before your reputation takes a hit. 

Obviously, you’ll still want to continue learning from the feedback your customers give. You should find, though, that taking care of these essentials helps to keep those one-star reviews largely at bay. 


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