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Which Home Style Is Right for You?

Which Home Style Is Right for You?

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Providing you have the go-ahead from the landlord to decorate. Or you own your own home and can go as light or heavy on the decor as you like. Styling your home to become the haven you need. For relaxation, coffee chats and taking care of the kids is possible. And this guide can show you how.

Most of us aren’t seasoned, interior decorators. And more than most are stuck deciding what decor to choose from. Be it rustic chic, art deco, contemporary or [insert decor style here].

But with a bit of persistence, patience and planning. Finding a home style that you love and applying it to your abode is more than possible, and here’s how.

Get Inspired

The amount of research and planning home stylers do before decorating could save them from a world of pain, including subpar decor, wasted money, and a woman at the end of her tether.

So, where do you begin? Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook DIY pages, and magazines. There are numerous people on social channels sharing the intimate details of their home decor.

During your search, you’ll be on the hunt for colours, fabrics, textures, and examples of designs that you love. Only then will you edge closer to finding the perfect style for your home.

Suppose reality beats scrolling through digital imagery for you. Instead, visit stores like B&Q, Home Bargains, Next, Dunelm, Ikea, and more. Where you can get up close and personal with the decorative cushions and lighting on offer, and don’t forget to keep note of or take pictures of things you adore.

On a side note, always consider working decor in with the home’s existing style and structure. Whether making a feature out of the ceilings exposed beams. Or refurbishing the original tiling in the hallway. It’s often more budget-friendly and less time-consuming to work with the home’s character than against it.

To help you edge closer to a home styling look, you can’t resist. Collect your ideas and inspo on a mood board or in a scrapbook. And have it readily available to add snippets of colours, fabrics and images.

And never forget to take into account the practicality of the styles too. For example, while a pristine white airy living room may be the decor of your dreams. Sadly, it won’t last long if you have kids or pets.

Open-plan scandi home

Experiment Before Committing

Paint, flooring and furnishings can be pricey. So dipping your brush in the sample pot before purchasing all the things is in your interest.

How to experiment with decor;

  • Use interior design apps such as The Dulux Visualizer App to help you bring a colour scheme in your home to life.
  • Buy and try samples of paints in your rooms of choice. Why? Because the room’s natural lighting impacts the intensity and hues of the colour. Swatches will help you decide whether a colour meets your expectations all day, every day.
  • Attach flooring and furnishing samples and textures around the home. Seeing them every day and taking note of how you feel about them will help you arrive at a decision you’re happy to commit to for the foreseeable.

Experimenting will help you funnel down the looks you do and don’t like and help you see what works best in your home. This process of elimination should leave you with a few designs to choose from.

Plus, keep in mind, no matter what your home style of choice might be. The willingness to DIY, shop at sales and use sites such as eBay and Facebook marketplace. Can help you achieve any look you desire in your home on a budget.

But if you have your hopes set on particular furnishings and accessories with a hefty price tag. Another way to get the home look you want. Is by creating a spreadsheet for the items you need to achieve the style, then spacing these purchases out over the coming weeks or months.

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