What’s In Our Stocking?

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Shopping for the kids has been a bit of a challenge for me this year. I have Elfie, who likes practicing her writing, purple things and shouting loud. Then Hux, who enjoys tea parties with Elfie, bathtime and throwing food on the floor. I’ve found it pretty difficult to come up with ideas for presents I know they’ll enjoy.

Elfie now really understands the idea of Father Christmas, in fact maybe too much. When she was being a little bit of a pickle last week I reminded her that he would be watching her to see if she was naughty or nice, and if she was naughty he wouldn’t bring her any presents. She couldn’t sleep that night because she was worried about the man in the sky watching her. Total parenting fail on my part.

Anyway, she knows that on the 25th December she’ll be getting a stocking and she’s really excited about it. I’m carrying on the Christmas tradition and we’ll be sneaking down the stairs super early to open our pressies in our pyjamas before before a fancy smoked salmon breakfast. It’ll be just the three of us before we head off to my Mum and Dad’s for lunch and more festive merriment.

Because I am a bit boring, I like to include functional gifts in our stockings. Elfie’s ‘big present’ is a gorgeous cow-print Trunki, for Elfie to pack her and Hux’s clothes in when they go and stay with their dad. Hux is getting a wooden drum and wooden tool kit (down with plastic toys! killjoy), banging things and doing DIY with my dad being two of his favourite pasttimes. He’ll also be getting socks, natch.

Ahh, Christmas:

 For Elfie…


Elfie will be getting a lovely cow-print Trunki for packing her weekend clothes when she goes to her Daddy’s house. She’s also started to show a real interest in timekeeping (that’s my girl!) so I’ve chosen a purple BabyBez watch for her from BooRah (keep an eye on Mama tomorrow for an interview from BooRah’s founder!). I’ve bought her some fun but functional hair clips as these always seem to get lost along with Hux’s socks as well as some new colouring pencils and books. I love the Remarkable range of eco-stationary: these in particular have been recycled from old CD cases and the covers of their notebooks are made from old tyres. Really cool! Elfie was also sent a dress from Their Nibs a couple of months ago and she’s just grown into it now, so she’ll be wearing it on Christmas day.

For Hux…


Hux is getting a kettle and toaster set so he can make his imaginary friends a snack while he’s holding his epic tea parties, along with a tool kit for all the DIY he likes to help Papa with. He’s also going to be receiving a wooden drum (I might regret this one…) so he stops banging everything in my kitchen. I’ve chosen a Raa Raa book for him (Raa Raa is the only thing on TV he goes crazy for… I think it’s the jungle music) and yet more wooden toys, the London range of Le Toy’s cars. Also… SOCKS! H&M’s are my favourites for little boys.

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  1. sarah wrote:

    i adore that little dress!! so cute!

    Posted 12.15.13 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Their Nibs do the absolute cutest dresses! x

      Posted 12.16.13 Reply