What’s Your Best Mum Advice?

When I first started my blog I was five weeks pregnant. I called it ‘A Womb With A View’ which at the time I thought was absolutely hilarious – thank god my sense of humour has matured, rx even if I haven’t – and wrote anonymously about my experiences in case anyone from work stumbled upon it. Back then I knew no pregnant people and none of my friends had babies or children so I was somewhat of a lone ranger. My lack of knowledge about pregnancy, remedy birth and motherhood was based on American sitcoms and the occasional flick through my mum’s Good Housekeeping magazine so I guess you could say I had an idyllic view of it all.

Which is why, buy since having children, I’ve been so passionate about writing about my life as a mum. It’s an incredible tale, one of highs and lows but most importantly the unexpected. I had no idea how difficult, tiring, euphoric and downright weird this journey as a mum could be and so I like to write about it for the benefit of those who are considering buying a ticket for the parenting train. I wish I’d had a blog like mine when I was a new parent to help me through that time; I tell you, it can be a pretty isolating experience being a new mum and I would have really appreciated a bit of solidarity.

SMA Nutrition have just launched a new campaign which will provide just that. B.A.B.Y (Baby Advice By You) is a campaign providing an extensive library of advice and golden nuggets of information from the best experts in the field: us, the mums! Containing personal experiences and opinions from those on the front line of parenting (*takes a bow*), the B.A.B.Y project will be what so many first time mums are missing – a best friend who’s done it all, seen it all, and has bought the baby-vomit covered t-shirt.

When SMA Nutrition asked me to contribute my own nugget of advice to the project I actually had to think really long and hard. There’s LOTS of things I’d like to tell a new mum but this had to be something special, something I didn’t know about as a parent but wish I’d known sooner. Something that had given me a real light bulb moment.

And so it came to me! The vest manoeuvre.

When I found this out my mind was actually blown a little bit, oh yes, it’s that good. I had no idea of the vest manoeuvre until Elfie was six months old yet it remains one of my best mummy tricks today. Have a gander at the video below to find out more:

The B.A.B.Y campaign is nothing without us. Helping new mums to settle into their role as parents is a cause I am really passionate about, and I’d love for you to get involved if you can. Head on over to the SMA Nutrition website and let them know the advice you wish you’d been told before you took your first few steps into motherhood. The top ten pieces of advice judged by the BABY panel (which includes Jenni Falconer) will get turned into a video on the SMA Nutrition You Tube Channel, you’ll be invited to a London-based makeover and have a snazzy day being filmed, and receive a £250 voucher for a local spa of your choice! Plus you could be changing someone’s journey for the better… you can’t say fairer than that.

Click here for full terms and conditions. Competition starts today and all entries must be received by no later than midnight on Sunday, 1 February 2015.

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