Christmas Gift Guide: What To Buy the Impossible Woman

Each year when Christmas rolls around there’s the same question that always needs an answer: what to buy the impossible woman? The woman that has everything, the woman that doesn’t seem to need anything because if she wants something she quietly pops off and gets it.

I know the answer to that question because I am the impossible woman. I’m the really annoying gift recipient who you can never buy anything for because if I think I need something I don’t like waiting: I just head to the shops (OK – online. But still).

Highly irritating, I know. Apologies. And to make up for it, here’s a list of things an impossible woman like me would love to find in her stocking this Christmas…

What to buy the impossible woman?

what to buy the impossible woman - epanoui what to buy the impossible woman - epanoui

Epanoui – handmade jewellery

I’ve long been a fan of the beautiful jewellery brand Epanoui, based just down the road from me in Bedford. I always get complimented on the necklaces I wear from there, my engraved Coin Necklace and North Star necklace, which were both handmade by Hannah in her studio at the back of the shop.

Most recently I’ve added to my collection with two beautiful bracelets, the Spheres bracelet and silk band bracelet, and I have put the heritage coin bracelet on my Christmas list. Hannah’s pieces are so beautiful, of the highest quality and made with nothing but love. I’ll be adding them to my collection forever more.

what to buy the impossible woman - Lit Wicks candle

Lit Wicks – empowering candles

My love for Becky of Lit Wicks is pretty well-documented, and if you have a strong woman to buy for this Christmas you really won’t go far wrong with one of her small-batch beautifully-scented candles. Well and truly answering the question “what to buy the impossible woman?”, a classic candle, and one of my all-time favourites, is the ‘Stay classy, sassy and a bit bad assy‘. GIRL POWER!!!

what to buy the impossible woman - sandy leaf farm

Sandy Leaf Farm – infused gin

Having Thanksgiving dinner with Etsy last week I met my online-forever friend Ailbe Malone from Buzzfeed for the first time (she just wrote a brilliant book that would incidentally make a fantastic Christmas present), and was surprised to see she was sipping on a glass of iced herbal tea. Only she wasn’t, of course she wasn’t, as I quickly learned: she was sipping on the genius infused gin of Sandy Leaf Farm. And I soon joined her.

Sandy Leaf Farm’s infused gin kits which are totally plug and play – all you need is the gin – are genius when you fancy a bit of a change to your G&T. The perfect lazy Christmas activity, they’re priced at stocking filler or secret Santa prices, around £9. Choose your gin kit now!

what to buy the impossible woman - Willowberry Skincare what to buy the impossible woman - Willowberry Skincare

Willowberry Natural Skincare – gorgeous beauty products

Willowberry Natural Skincare is the ultimate in ‘what to buy the impossible woman’, if your woman in question is at all interested in skincare rituals (and really, these days who isn’t?). Their beautiful products – all made in Britain in small batches using natural ingredients of the highest quality – come beautifully wrapped for Christmas as well as in gift sizes, which make the ideal stocking fillers.

Highly recommended by both me and my baby-soft skin.

what to buy the impossible woman - Hope House Press what to buy the impossible woman - Hope House Press

Hope House Press – notebooks and diaries to treasure

I was going to go into raptures about how beautiful Hope House Press have hand-made some of my favourite diaries and notebooks these last couple of years. But then VOGUE did it for me and recommended their gorgeous Caramel diary as one to see you through to 2019 – in style! And what firmer nod towards a beautiful product do you need than a VOGUE nod?

You can buy and personalise all products from this lovely Cambridge-based and family-run company at their website, and I’d really recommend you do. And if anyone pertinent is listening and asking themselves “what to buy the impossible woman?”, I haven’t ordered my 2019 diary yet

what to buy the impossible woman - Rosemood what to buy the impossible woman - Rosemood what to buy the impossible woman - Rosemood

Rosemood Atelier – photobooks for long-lasting memories 

When I ordered our Rosemood Christmas cards last week I also created this beautiful photo book, a photo album in magazine format, full of our 2018 memories. It’s so beautiful, so full of treasured memories, that I’ve started putting together the same for 2010 onwards; a tangible collection of our lives that is, in a world that is so digital and online, so precious to hold and reminisce with the kids.

It’s super easy to use Rosemood‘s platform, even if you’re not techy. Just drag and drop the images in the order you want, or let their algorithm make your photo album for you. Their team proof each and every creation and tweak the photos so they look their best, making suggestions along the way (they’re the experts so I’d listen to them ;). For Grandparents, for children, for partners, for friends: photo books are a present to suit them all.

If you have an impossible woman to shop for I’d love to know what you’re looking at! My own Christmas list needs bulking out… 

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  1. Colette wrote:

    Those dainty little bracelets are just stunning! I know I’m a bit of a nightmare to buy for too !

    Posted 12.6.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Aren’t they gorgeous! I haven’t taken mine off since I got them x

      Posted 12.7.18 Reply
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