What Should You Do in the Holidays?

When you’re a student coming home for the holidays it can be a difficult experience. For many it’s their first chance to establish their own life, living away from home for the first time. Once you’ve started that, it’s difficult to go back and the holidays can feel like a challenge as you try to fit back into a life you’ve grown beyond.

Today we’re looking at some of the things students can do to use their holidays well so they pass quickly!


You might be able to make some savings or even some extra money if you’re clever with your accommodation. You could get a deal from your halls of residence if your tenancy excludes the holiday dates, rather than including time when you won’t be on campus anyway!

If you’re not living in halls, you could make a bit of extra money by finding a good deal on student storage to clear your stuff out, and see if there’s anyone who wants to use your room while you’re out of town, whether it’s a fellow student or perhaps a friend who’s travelling during the holidays.

Speaking of which….


If you book early you could find some really great deals for travel, even if it is the height of the holidays. Whether you want to take some dramatic train journeys across the incredible landscape of Eastern Europe or organise your travels with a student society so you can add some volunteering to your holidays, this will not just be an exciting use of your time but also give you some valuable experience and confidence.


For many people of course the holidays are a time to earn some more money to fund the next phase of your studies or gain some more experience to get a head start on your career. Christmas is a great time of the year to find seasonal work, and if you’ve had a Saturday job as a teenager, they will likely be more than happy to welcome back someone they know, trust and don’t have to waste time training.

If you’re spreading your wings a little further the summer holidays are a great time to look for an internship. Even if you’re not certain about the career you want to pursue for the rest of your life, showing some initiative early on can be a great boost when you’re looking for a job after university. Try talking to your university career service for advice.

These are only three ways you can make the best of a long holiday from university. Soon term time will come round again and you can get back to what’s rapidly become your real life!

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