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I started this blog really excited about the possibilities that lay ahead, and so pleased I’d have somewhere to write. Since then it hasn’t gone as planned as I have channeled most of my innermost thoughts into writing Digital Strategies and perfecting the art of getting up at 5.30am on a three glass of wine hangover.

I have mastered one of these things so far; I will let you decide which.

Our weekend was horrendously busy, in completely the wrong way. Rather than get ready for the hen do I was going to on Saturday evening (nails – tan – hair – nap – basically TOWIE incarnated), I got as far as nails – tan when a spanner was thrown in the works; Elfie was sick.

Because of her condition (which I’m sure I’ll write more about at a later date on account of weeks 10-18 of her life being Not Fun At All) her being ill can be extremely dangerous. Her body doesn’t produce the adrenaline we all need to fight illnesses so any sniffle or bug can be very dangerous for her. Vomiting or Diarrhoea is the worst as it means she hasn’t ingested her medicines of which she needs double when she’s ill to kick-start her body’s reaction.

I was on a train on the way into Euston (looking forward to a nap here) when I got the call from my Mum that she was ill. I disembarked, walked to the concourse, checked the departures board and got back on a homeward bound train 2 minutes later. Looking back on the situation now it seems amusing but at the time I had a massive pit in my stomach.

As soon as I got home she was not right. She’d been sleepy all day but we’d dismissed it as the heat and a restless night before. She was limp, pale and sad.

I called the hospital right away who told me to rush in. She vomited in the car; I was terrified, she seemed to have a lot of fun playing with it. I was so relieved at the fact she wasn’t choking that I didn’t even notice the mess (OK – that’s a lie – I did a little bit). She immediately saw a doctor who set her up with a line into her wrist (I can’t stand to be the one who holds her when they do this, it’s so upsetting) and gave her an IV dose of her medicine. We were sent up to a children’s ward.

We’ve only ever taken Elfie to hospital in Nottingham before. I forget how lucky we were, The QMC in Nottingham is the biggest hospital in the UK and the biggest teaching hospital in Europe. Whenever we stayed the wards were always lovely, never full, well-equipped and both parents were always allowed to stay overnight.

The ward at Milton Keynes General was a different story. It was full and seemed to be horribly understaffed. It was really noisy and stuffy, the parent’s room wasn’t that nice, everyone seemed crammed in and I felt a little bit forgotten. Elfie spent a long time crying (very very unlike her) and although I tried to bring it to the nurse’s attention nobody really noticed. I had to ask on two occasions for her temperature to be measured and then keep reminding them about a dose of paracetamol. I was told not to expect a bed and that all parents slept on plastic chairs (fine if a bit uncomfortable for one night, but I can’t imagine what this would have been like the first time we stayed with Elfie in hospital for a fortnight. Torturous I suppose). Elfie had an overnight IV to re-hydrate her and medicines to regulate her fever, I made a bed out of three plastic chairs and a pillow.

We ‘got out’ late on Sunday and it was wonderful having her home. She has slowly got better and better though her tummy is still slightly off. I think previously – and maybe if we were in Nottingham – I would have rushed her back to hospital, but we’re making big efforts to keep the dosage of her medicine up and feed her as many fluids as she’ll take. I don’t want her to experience a night like Saturday’s when she was awake the whole time because of the noise of the ward when all she needed to get better was serious rest. She has been happier today – we snuggled in bed for a bit watching the little mermaid but I had to concede to Baby Einstein (3 times) – and I so hope this nasty bug is on its way out.

Photo: today Daddy bought Elfie her first laptop because she likes Mummy’s so much.

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  1. Kelly wrote:

    Sorry to hear that Elfie has been ill again. I hope she is on the mend now. I have subscribed to the new blog and look forward to reading. Hope to see you at CyberMummy too?

    Posted 4.13.11 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Hi Kelly! I have been thinking of you so much the past few weeks and hoping you’re feeling well. I will be there, you’ve reminded me to book my hotel :)

      Posted 4.13.11 Reply