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What Makes SEO So Important?

Whether you run a blog, a small business, or an ecommerce store, you might have heard of SEO or search engine optimisation.

Those of us that spend a lot of time working on our websites are forever hearing about how we should implement better SEO, how standards are changing, and what we need to be doing to make sure our site is fully optimised for search engines.

And because we all want, or even need more traffic, we do our best to implement changes, change old posts to include today’s SEO standards and learn what we can. But why? S

EO is all about making sure your website is easy for search engines to find and trying to get on to the first page of search engine results. But why do we need to? What makes search engine optimisation so much more important than other digital marketing methods, and why do we all need to spend so much time on it?

Organic Search is Usually a Websites Highest Traffic Source

When we start websites, a good amount of our traffic comes from our friends and family, and the people that follow us on social media. But, over time, this starts to change. For most established websites, search engines are the highest referrer. SEO gives you a way to make the most of that trend, and gain even more traffic. 

It Keeps Working

SEO is the very best long-term strategy. You post something to social media, and it gets seen by a few people there and then. Some people might save your post for later, or add it to a Pinterest board, but most will only see it if they happen to be online when you hit share. SEO keeps working. Spend time optimising a post today, and it won’t just get found by Google tonight, it will keep getting discovered. Good SEO can mean that your most popular posts are some of the oldest. 

Good SEO Makes You an Authority

When you Google something, how often do you look past the first five results? Those top results are the ones that we trust. They are often the ones with displayed pictures and metadata, and with the most accurate and up to date information. People assume that these posts are correct. Get to the top of a search, and you are an authority on the topic at hand. 

It’s Cheap

SEO is cheap. You can often do it yourself, but even if you choose to use wordpress seo services, it can still be exceptionally cost-effective when compared to paid social media adverts, which are less effective. 

You’ll Get Quality Traffic

When your SEO is good, the users that have found you on a search engine, were looking for you, or for the topic of your post. They are on your website because you have what they are looking for. Not because they’ve stumbled upon you with a completely unrelated query. These are the people that might keep coming back and are worth finding. 

You’ll Learn More About Your Customers

Search engine analytics are comprehensive. You won’t just know how many people have been on your site. You’ll be able to find out where they are from, how old they are, what gender and even more about their hobbies and interests. This can help you to target them and improve your own content. 

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