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What I’m Wearing For Winter

What I’m Wearing For Winter

It is surprising how, once you give birth, your attitude to so many things changes. I was adamant this wouldn’t happen to me but it’s completely inevitable and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Since I have had my babies I feel hugely different about travel, working, family, keeping fit, food, friendships… so many things. And one of the things that has thrown me for a loop mostly is how I feel different about clothes.

That might sound a little shallow but clothing is one thing that I feel has defined me and a lot of my life and experiences. From school times when non-uniform day was the number one event of the whole term and took weeks of planning (the day my mum bought me a pair of Kickers was one of the highlights of my childhood. Ditto the day I saved up enough to buy a canvas Body Shop bag) to my working life, when I had to dress smartly in suits and heels through to working in the more casual media industry. My clothes are who I am.

Deciding what I wore to work or on a night out used to be A Big Deal, and if I didn’t like what I was wearing I would feel uncomfortable and a bit miserable. It’s sad but true that my outfit choices are directly correlated to my emotions. I have always loved to shop for clothes and there really is no better feeling than a new outfit that makes you sparkle.

Pre-kids I liked to think I was into clothes that made a bit of a statement. Vintage, sequins, silk jackets, crazy tshirts (my favourite was this NSFW Virgins ’08 one but I haven’t seen it since we moved house)… but my sense of style has taken a serious bashing since I gave birth and moved to the countryside. There’s no need for heels or sequins, anything in silk means an expensive dry cleaning bill and I’ve noticed that I really, really like to be comfy.

One advantage when buying clothes as a stay at home mum is my lack of budget (bear with me here). Before when I was earning a decent salary I would splash out indiscriminately on items that perhaps didn’t suit me, just because I could. But as I now have to save and plan for my purchases I really research what items will suit me for a particular season and do my best to buy them at the best price. I save photos I come across and like on Fashion blogs to my ‘inspiration’ file on my computer or Pin them. The things I want for our impending winter are items that I’ve thought long and hard about, and because I’ve saved all my pennies it makes buying them all the more sweeter.

One thing I will be striving for this winter is to go for classics: items that will last me through the season into next spring and summer, and even next winter. For this reason I am no fan of the peplum or pyjama suit (though I do own a pretty amazing pair of red Zara printed silk trousers, last worn September 2011) and am trying to prioritise comfort over look. Jersey and lycra, I’m yours.

I’d be really interested to hear what your winter wardrobe staples are: I’m always on the hunt for the perfect flannel shirt and flat black ankle boots. It’s tough being me.



1. Leather Jacket, £139, Barney’s Originals. 2. Studded Necklace, £8, ASOS. 3. Dalmatian Jumper, £69.95, Joules. 4. Flannel Shirt, £19.90, Uniqlo. 5. Knitted Necklace Jumper, £45, TopShop. 6. Spotted Oxford Shirt, £29.95, GAP. 7. Spotted Jumper, £19.99, GAP. 8. Leopard Print Leggings, £9, ASOS. 9. Galaxy Leggings, £9.99, Missguided. 10. Crystal Cascade Necklace, £25.99, Zara. 11. Neon Trainers, £37.99, Nike. 12. Blue Skinny Jeans, £28, ASOS. 13. Black Leather Ankle Boots, £45, TopShop.

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  • Love! My winter staples are definitely flannel shirts too, my favourite is from Monki, perfectly oversized and soft, they don’t have the same one anymore, but they do have some other lovely colours, including this pastel one which I love (If you buy anything from Monki, which you should, ’cause it’s ace, be warned, everything is BIG, go for small/extra small). Also, fluffy mohair jumpers, even though the fluff drives me mad and gets everywhere, they’re just so soft. A (faux) fur stole is very necessary, as are good ankle boots. I want that Gap shirt too!

      • Argh, always the way! I’ve never bought from Monki… is the quality good? I’ve seen some gorgeous mohair bits around already which I LOVE – I had a bright orange glittery mohair jumper from Tammy Girl age 13 (stylin’…)

        • Ha oh Tammy Girl <3. Yeah Monki is brilliant, one of my favourite shops. I was a 'Monki girl', I made some films for them & they sent me loads of clothes, all of which were lovely. Definitely recommend them. Gutted about the shirt! I've had the urge to buy new clothes today, but I've looked on Asos, Topshop, Monki, and New Look.. and there's nothing I'm really feeling! Annoying.

  • that necklace reminds me of maria francesca pepe collections in an amazing won’t-eat-up-all-your-cash-but-still-look-fab kind of way! love it.

  • Am having a huge dither about an animal jumper like the lovely Joules one you’ve included (I like the Stag in that range but am mostly hoping that the Aubin & Wills fox one might come back into stock) but I can’t decide whether they’re a classic or a this AW-only thing.

  • Loving your style and that leather jacket is fab! I always loved fashion but love turned to obsession once I’d lost my baby weight after Oliver-motherhood made me more interested than ever and possibly because I’d got into a size 10 (after finding a love of running) whereas I was a 12 before Oliver so fitting into clothes I loved more easily made shopping so much fun. With kids, comes costs though and like you I save up for designer pieces and classics that will last season to season. Loved this post!

  • I love the Joules jumper, I have been really loving jumpers at the moment. I used to hate them and favour cardigans but now I’ma convert. You can’t beat a big cosy jumper.

  • Hi, my friend recommend your blog and absolutely love your articles on fashion post baby. I think animal print jumpers will always be in fashion. I bought one (Panda print) from last year and still get compliments. It is very versatile and great for off duty look when you are out and about in the pram.

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