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What Are Your Weird Personality Quirks?

What Are Your Weird Personality Quirks?

Weird Personality Quirks

Living as the only adult in your house for a long time means you can develop some quite interesting habits. As mine belong to me and I’ve had them for coming up for five years I see my funny ways of doing things as normal, but I’ve become aware that this is not how every person lives their life.

To that I would say that sometimes I think it’s quirky the general population doesn’t need to read geeky aviation blogs to get to sleep at night ;)

I will happily admit some of my living alone behaviour does border on the weird. Thinking about the oddities that are unique to me they mostly seem to revolve around sleep or my bed, probably a literal hangover from being a single mum to two kids and getting, like, no sleep at all.

For example, I really do like reading airline reviews before I go to sleep. Once I’ve finished a couple of chapters of my book I turn the light off, lie down and (though I know this is a big no-no for some), flick through my emails on my iPhone one last time until I find my One Mile At A Time daily digest. I drift off to sleep reading hotel reviews and airline points information. It’s weird, it’s completely useless information, but it works.

I will happily admit some of my living alone behaviour does border on the weird, for example, I really do like reading airline reviews before I go to sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, I get my best-quality nights when I’m relaxing in clean sheets. In general mine get changed every 5 days or so which I know for many people is a waste of time and Fairy Non-Bio, but that clean-sheet feeling is one of the biggest pleasures in my life. I actually felt quite anxious reading a Facebook thread comparing sheet washing schedules and understanding some couples go a month or two without chucking theirs in the wash. Total personal preference on my part but I couldn’t sleep in sheets that had gone so long without seeing fabric softener. Quirky, eh?

weird personality quirks

Probably one reason why I need to spend so much time cleaning my bedsheets is my love of a weekend breakfast in bed. On the weeks I have the kids this is generally an innocent piece of toast and cup of tea, but come my solo weekends I go all out.

I drive over to McDonald’s and order what I like to call ‘The Alice Special’: a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with two hash browns (one is never enough) and two orange juices (ditto). I drive home with my passenger heated seat on to keep the food warm, get back in to bed and devour the food while watching The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. It is heaven. Yet probably weird to a hundred other people.

Real Housewives aside I have fairly perplexing habits when it comes to my TV watching. I enjoyed The Crown as much as the next person but as an entirely new show this was quite a departure from my comfort zone: when deciding what movies or TV shows to watch I only really ever choose things I’ve seen before. The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge, Friends (YAY thanks Netflix), (500) Days of Summer, Lost in Translation… I can (and I do) watch all these over and over and over again.

This is something I also put down to my parenting-prompted sleep deprivation, as when my kids left my womb they took with them my ability to concentrate on anything for longer than five minutes. But I know that when watching my old favourite shows and movies I know that, should I concentrate on Instagram instead of the TV for ten minutes, I won’t completely lose the plot (line).

Make me feel better: what are your weird personality quirks and habits?

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