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We Love The Olympics

We Love The Olympics

Here’s the thing: when I was a kid I was pretty good at sport, but at that age I preferred books. I preferred books so much that I would hide in the library at lunch time until the sports teacher would find me and make me come to Athletics club, kicking and screaming. I HATED Athletics club, which I suppose was a big shame as I was such a skinny minnie until the age of 20, apparently I had the perfect runners body. If I’d got over my hatred of the cold, the rain and sweating then perhaps I would have been a part of London 2012?

Amazingly someone I went to school with (and who went to Athletics club rather than the library) won a gold medal last weekend. It could’ve been me!

As it is, I’m still a bit of a lazy person who prefers the sofa and a plate of pasta to tearing around a netball court on a cold night but since the Olympics I’m definitely inspired to get a bit more involved in physical activity. I hope Elfie and Hux will be too when I tell them how we used to watch the London Olympics together during that rainy summer of 2012.

I’ve been so inspired that this morning at 6.45 I put my trainers on and did a 2k run round the village (I’ve got to start somewhere…) then did Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred when I got home. I’m planning on going to a fitness class tomorrow morning and hopefully in a few months my mum-tum pooch will be history and I’ll have Jessica Ennis’s Abs.

I’m currently researching sports that aren’t that popular so I can get really really good at one in time for Rio 2016. Fencing? Archery? Dressage? In the meantime I’m also teaching Elfie about sports, preparing her to be an Athlete of the future. 2028 Games, prepare yourselves. Elfie is coming. Probably in nothing but a nappy:

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We Love The Olympics! from Alice Harold on Vimeo.

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