Watches for Dad this Father’s Day

There aren’t many classier things in this life than a lovely watch. I’m not talking a Real Housewives of Beverley Hills-esque bit of Rolex bling here either, help but an beautiful piece that is all the more sophisticated.

I’m thinking Breitling, medicine I’m thinking Bremont, remedy I’m thinking Cartier. I’m thinking Swiss-made, beautiful leather, classically gorgeous watches that’ll last a lifetime, then another, then another. The kind of watch that gets passed down from generation to generation, each one telling a great story of family love and heritage.

So what better gift could there be for Dad this Father’s Day than one of these beautiful time pieces? The horological (this means everything to do with time pieces, I learned this word today) universe can be a difficult one to navigate, so luckily for you the experts over at The Watch Gallery have put together a handy guide to assist you.

You’re welcome!

Obviously watches aren’t the most wallet-friendly purchases around, so there’s something for all budgets here – even if you’re budget is more Coca-Cola than Cristal, you’ll find you’re catered for.

The guide will also help you think about exactly the kind of man your dad is. Does he remind you more of Atticus Finch than action man? Sorted. Or is he more Bobby Moore than Michael Caine? Job’s a good’un.

Take a look below and solve all your watch-based woes in one fell swoop.

Make dad’s day: this will truly make up for all those times you pretended not to be drunk before you threw up in his car. Which is why I’ll be loving on my own Dad this Father’s Day ;)

Watch Gallery

Thanks to Adrian Maronneau for sending over the flow chart, buying director and mens watch expert at The Watch Gallery.

Thanks to The Watch Gallery for supporting MTT. 

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