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Finding Winter Sun With Villa Finder
Mark Warner Levante

As I write it’s 4.30pm: it’s early January, the temperature is almost in the minuses (brrr) and it’s already dark outside. I’m wearing three layers – including the thickest socks you’ve ever seen – yet I’m still mainlining tea like my life depends on it in an attempt to stay warm.

In a nutshell it’s winter and I hate it. But that makes it the perfect time to start planning for warmer climes!

There’s nothing I love to do more in the winter than plan for the next time I’m in the sunshine. And when I say plan for the next time I’m in the sunshine I also mean long for the next time I’m in the sunshine: I hanker after warmth and vitamin D like a chocaholic chasing their next fix of Dairy Milk. I can’t get enough of it and I miss the summer dreadfully.

Thanks to the freezing cold and increasingly depressing dark nights I’ve decided that I need to get away before the seasons change this year, which means venturing outside of Europe. And we’ve been talking to Villa Finder to help us find the spot that’s perfect for us.

After lots of lengthly research (read: gazing at photographs of beaches and pools) we’ve settled on Koh Samui as the perfect destination for our family. So we’ve been  scanning the huge selection of family villas in Koh Samui – and there are loads!! – via Villa Finder.

Mark Warner Levante

Villa Finder

Villa Finder is a company that provides villa booking services in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius, with a tailored service that works so well for families like ours. Each of their properties are hand-picked and inspected to make certain they’re of the highest quality, and on top of having a rolodex of the most luxurious spots they also have a concierge team to help clients arrange their stays, ensuring the most enjoyable and fuss-free holiday with all the extras, like car seats and pool fences, that are required.

When booking with Villa Finder you’ll be provided with a Travel Consultant who’ll work with you to make sure each of your needs are met. As each and every villa has been personally visited, each Consultant knows the properties well and will be able to advise the absolute best holiday for your individual needs.

Upon booking you’ll also be allocated a Concierge who will help make your holiday really special. Perhaps you’d like to arrange a special dinner, babysitters, day tours or an in-villa massage? Villa Finder will take care of this for you, like magic!

It really makes all the different to have the personal and human touch, rather than relying on a computer platform and algorithm when it comes to booking something as important as a big family holiday. And to make things even better, as a business Villa Finder really believe in the environment and giving back: for every booking they plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia. Which means that by staying them, you’re also contributing to the environment.

Do you need any more excuses to book a holiday right now? I don’t!

Enjoy the sunshine :)

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