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Using Vertical Spaces

Using Vertical Spaces

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Even though many people make the most of their floor space, as well as windowsills and even the tops of tables and units, the vertical spaces of the home can often be forgotten. While these spaces may not be suitable for the majority of items or furniture, that doesn’t mean they should be completely discounted. By looking for ways to make the most of these spaces too, you can help reduce cramping, and even give your home more of a clutter-free look and feel.


Freeing up the horizontal spaces by hanging art and pictures on your walls can go a long way towards stopping surfaces from looking cramped or like they are full of a mish-mash of items. While you could opt to use hooks or nails to hang existing pieces of art, you may also want to consider the use of hexagon picture tiles for a more contemporary feel. These can look akin to having honeycomb-style images on the wall, allowing you to have a number of pictures on a single wall, as well as to create a talking piece for those who visit your home. On top of this, having art on your walls can also help to break up the monotony of these spaces, especially if all your walls consist of a singular block of colour.

Wall Storage

Using floating shelves and storage units can also help you to make the most of your living space, as well as to free up your floors. Some ideas for this can include book storage, holding plants, as well as even holding towels or other items for use in the bathroom. In addition to allowing you some extra space to hold your belongings, this also means that the items can be kept within easy reach, as well as to allow you to put certain items, such as breakables or those that can cause harm, out of reach of children or pets. These items usually come with the correct brackets and fixtures, meaning you can ensure they are being fitted to the correct types of wall and less likely to cause damage.

Kitchen shelf with cards and flowers

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Door Storage

As well as your walls, it is also possible to get storage that can be hung on doors, including cupboard doors. These can allow you to store items such as shoes, or even act as a spice rack, clearing up some extra space. This can be especially useful in smaller kitchens with extremely limited cupboard space, or homes that do not have the benefit of a built in closet. These items often don’t involve the need to drill or use screws, but instead can be hung over the top of the door itself, making them easy to fit and remove.

By utilising the vertical spaces in your home, you can open up a greater number of possibilities for storing and using your items, as well as make the most of the space in your home. In addition to this, it can also help to break up the room, or space, so that it looks that bit more interesting.

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