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Up Your Contact Page Game

When it comes to how people see your blog or business, a lot of it will come down to your contact page. After all, it the place people head to when they want to get in touch.

If it lets you down or doesn’t have enough options, then you might just miss out on a great new reader or client.

The contact us pages are one of the most visited on any website, and that should be a big enough reason to have yours as attention-grabbing as possible.

If you contact us page is lacking a little pizazz, then see if any of these tips will work for you!

Get Smart

Maybe you don’t want to waste extra pages, or you don’t have the time to make something really stand out. Think about using your header bar to have your contact details. Name, address, email, perhaps even a VoIP fax would work for you too. Throw in your social media buttons, and people won’t need to navigate around your website too much.

Last Chance

The chances are that once someone has visited your contact page, they’re about to leave. You have another moment here to show off. If you’re a photographer, then showcase your best work, a writer could write some great copy, and a designer could use the space to display their creativity.

Show them why they should fill in a form, rather than just exit your website.


Love them or hate them; there is no denying that they do an excellent job of building marketing lists and finding your hot leads. Set something up so that when someone is on your contact us page, and displaying what is known (and recognised) as leave behaviour have a pop-up plugin ready to pounce where they can pop in their email address. It’s not a full commitment but displays their interest in what you have to offer.

Negative/Blank Space

Cutting down on clutter can give you stunning results. The only thing to do is fill in your form and be happy with their choice. Small design details in the corners of the page mean that it is still interesting but not overwhelming.

If you only have one single way that you want people to contact you, then have that in the middle of a blank screen. Boring? Or just very clever? Entering an email address only, or perhaps just your number will put paid to the paradox of choice that can be experienced.

Negative space can be an asset if you learn how to use it.

Laid Back

Often things can just seem too pushy. Name. Email. Thank You. What about, being a little bit more on the personal side. Say Hi, how are you? Give a ready when you are vibe to your copy, and you might find that prompts a potential client to say – yes, I’m ready.

Contact pages shouldn’t be about forcing or tricking people into giving details, but instead giving them the tools to assess if you are the right company for them, and reassurance that when they are ready – you’ll be right there waiting for them.

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