All About My Undercrackers


It’s been noted here how taking care of what’s happening on the inside – paleo, juicing, the gym and all that jazz – is making me a happier person. After a week of spectacularly falling off the wagon in Amsterdam and devouring piles of bread, cheeseburgers and chips I came home a couple of pounds heavier but feeling like I was carrying a world of weight. It’s totally crazy how reverting to my old diet for such a short period of time left me feeling so heavy, sluggish and unmotivated but I guess shows how much changing my eating habits has changed my life. #Paleo4EVA!

Two days after enthusiastically returning to my juices and salads (bar a teeny tiny slip up at Bryony‘s house yesterday over a slice of way too tempting garlic bread) I’m still feeling a bit self-concious about the returning mid-area bloat but really pushed myself at the gym yesterday to mentally get back in the zone. As a result my thighs are protesting each time I climb the stairs but fingers crossed that by next week I will have more clarity of mind thanks to the lack of toxins and my jeans won’t be so freaking tight.

Anyway, as part of my body haul over I’ve been re-thinking something I never really paid much attention to: my underwear drawer. I always thought of lingerie as something lusted over by other girls, high-maintenance girls who wore perfect lipstick (mine always ends up on my chin) and knew how to iron shirts (i.e. not with their GHDs). But, somewhat out of necessity as my boobs shrunk with my dress size, I’ve gone out and bought an array of lovely lingerie. And wearing matching lacy loveliness under my clothes, well, it makes me feel like I’m looking after myself. I dress better and feel that little bit more confident.

Apart from the day this week I went to the gym after doing the school run in my workout gear and had forgotten to pack my undies. On that day I just felt breezy.


Ages ago, when I wrote my Life List, I decided that  one of the things I wanted to attempt was to wear matching underwear for 30 days. Yep, it’s totally shallow and ridiculous but it’s something I’ve never done before and I wanted to see if it really could make a small change to my life for that month.

NB: the life list is in total flux and re-evaluation at the moment. I’m lol’ing at the fact that ‘find the perfect eyebrow shape’ is on there, gonna really change the world with that one. Though if you were blessed with slugs similar to mine you’ll totally get it. 

So that is what I am going to do in May. This afternoon I got my nicest smalls out, from M&S to Agent Provocateur (no grey tshirt bras allowed, OK?), paired ’em up and took a good look. Apparently I’m a fan of lacy business and black lingerie, lots of black lingerie. There are a couple of bras that are too big (woe) so I’m going to allow myself to buy a couple of new sets this month in something other than black. Special mention has to go out to SBP who sent me the bottom (heheh) pair of black knickers you can see there, the Daphne; they specialise in ‘Sexy Big Pants’ and their high-waisted briefs make me feel amazing, like a sultry pinup or something. I love the fact their collection was developed for women who like their pants super comfy but don’t want to compromise on style and these would have been perfect for me post-C Section. Some of their designs are currently half prices so do nip on over and take a look.

I fully expect that, come the end of May, I’ll be feeling a little bit like this:


I’m totally making this A Thing: Matching Undies May. Who’s with me?

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  1. Honest Mum wrote:

    I hear that, a house move and wardrobe sort means a huge clear out of anything not pretty enough-the pretty test resulted in me feeling happy and suprising how quickly you can feel rubbish off the paleo/low carb wagon but within days you’ll be happy inside again too plus moderation in moderation yeah!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  2. I turned 28 last week and decided that matching underwear was something that should be a part of my 28 year old life. A mark of maturity akin to drinking red wine instead of rose (I still love rose). It’s good to know I’m not alone in this and, after having a baby, it feels pretty nice to wear lacy underwear again and not GIANT pregnancy pants!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  3. Cydney (@CydneyHelsdown) wrote:

    underwear is a basic human right! i’ve been re-inventing my wardrobe and will also move on to underwear, as i need the confidence boost it comes with! lace underwear is my fave too.

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  4. Lauranne wrote:

    You can iron shirts with GHDs = brilliant! I keep thinking I should buy some new underwear but now I am single again I kinda think what’s the point no one is going to see it, rather be comfy. OMG suddenly I sound really old!!

    Posted 5.7.14 Reply
  5. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    I totally need to revamp my underwear drawer… I have too many pairs of comfy pants.. even my mum told me to sort it out. My bad.

    Posted 5.8.14 Reply
  6. Up until now, I have no idea why underwear gives a confidence boost… I mean… they’re under your shirt, but they can still give you that bonus, like some RPG game armor thing. Matching underwear is really nice and something that you should do from time to time.

    Posted 12.22.14 Reply
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