Types of Diamond Ring Cuts to Consider

If you’ve decided on getting a diamond engagement ring, it’s time to consider what cut you’d like. While all the stones will be brilliant and sparkling, you should choose a shape that really speaks to you. Knowing the type of cut you’d prefer will really help you in your search, as you’ll be able to filter search results more effectively online. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with so many choices, but these popular cuts could make your decision easier.


If you love clean lines and prefer a more angular look, consider emerald cut engagement rings. An emerald cut isn’t exclusively used for emeralds as its name suggests. Rather, it’s simply a rectangular shape that’s suitable for diamonds and many other gems. It has a vintage feel and is a great way to make a statement with your jewellery.


Traditional and timeless, a princess cut diamond has a square shape and can stand alone or be surrounded by other smaller gems. Its pointed corners have a geometrical look but can be more discreet than an emerald cut, which has a habit of standing out.


You probably know the pear cut as being a tear-drop shape, creating a beautiful and whimsical silhouette. One end of the diamond will move into a point while the other is carefully rounded. The pear cut diamond is typically surrounded by lots of small crystals to really accentuate it as a centrepiece. If you’re struggling to decide between a more rounded and geometrical cut, this could be a happy medium that suits all your preferences.


Perhaps the most classic diamond cut you’ll come across, the round diamond is sure to give your engagement an iconic edge. You’ll benefit from even more sparkle than other cuts have to offer, no matter how big or small the gem. Choose a round cut if you want something traditional that you’ll definitely love for the rest of your life.


If round just isn’t doing it for you, consider trying an oval cut. This usually works best on bigger gems and helps to give your fingers an elongated look. Perfect for those close-up engagement snaps, your oval ring is sure to dazzle all your friends and family.


What could be better to symbolise love and commitment than a heart-shaped diamond ring? While not popular with everyone, heart-shaped gems are perfect for the ultimate romantic. Whether you’re looking for something playful and quirky or you just love everything that hearts symbolise, this cut could be the one you’ve been looking for.

Which cut is right for you?

There’s no right answer to this one, but hopefully this breakdown has given you some ideas. While some may stand out to you more than others, you could come across your perfect ring in a cut you hadn’t even considered before. If you’re not sure which cut will best suit your fingers, you could consult a jeweller before locking in on your final choice.

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