Two Weeks Of Being A Mum

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We’ve been introduced to posseting; Elfie has a habit of taking down way too much milk and then scaring us by throwing up. All I can say is she is a true Harold family member if she’s a fan of overeating!

At her weigh-in today she’d put on weight, fabulous news! She’s 3 oz up and has about another 6 to go to get back to her birth weight. Hopefully at her next check on Wednesday she’ll get discharged by the Midwives.

Elfie is so much more alert now and really enjoys gazing at us, the wall, the window… she’s gradually spending more and more time awake during the day and it’s amazing seeing her notice more things on a daily basis.

Her nappies have this week become proper baby nappies! They smell like a mix between vomit and poo and have the consistency and colour of a korma. Delightful. I am so lucky as daddy doesn’t mind changing nappies at all (he probably does it more than me).

Elfie still doesn’t fit into her newborn clothing so Grannie kindly bought her some lovely new tiny sleepsuits. They’re purple, very refreshing as she has way too many pink things.

She was introduced to her first pub yesterday – we had lunch with my parents and brother for my birthday. She was an absolute┬ástar and slept through the whole thing, I’ll be going back to the pub next week for their mother and baby group.

She’s tending to wake up just 2 or 3 times in the night, at around midnight, 2.30 and 5.30. I’m thinking this is fairly good! We will be trying to implement some routines shortly based on Gina Ford’s Contented Baby books but not until she gets to six weeks or so. Right now the priority is giving her lots of love and food.

I’m desperate to be up and about doing things and it’s really frustrating to take it so easy. I want to be driving, exercising, (shopping), even working! We went into town last week to introduce Elfie to TopShop and Gap but my nipples leaked in Office and I got tired so we had to come home. It was an interesting experience!

Weight loss post-birth is now at 1st 11lbs. I have 1st to lose before getting back to my pre-birth weight but I’m not rushing it.

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  1. Notesandredshoes wrote:

    beautiful! amazing! will be back later with more comments

    Posted 7.26.10 Reply
  2. Metropolitan Mum wrote:

    Don't worry too much about her weight. She'll be fine, I am sure! How awful that you ad to encounter a scary midwife. I still don't get how you anybody can be in such a profession if they are not genuinely nice. x

    Posted 7.26.10 Reply
  3. Best hosting india wrote:

    completely agreed with “metropolitan mum” thanks for sharing.

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