Turning a corner, or in other words: things that have happened this week

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

– We moved house! And what a treat our new place is; the fact that I can be in the bedroom and not even hear the TV In the living room is still such a novelty, and I am so pleased to see my houseproud side back in full force (I thought I’d left it in the house in Nottingham when we moved to London 2 years ago). We’re still in a flat, but there is a garden, our own front door and neighbors with a toddler.

– I chilled out, relaxed, and learned how to sleep properly. Something about our new bedroom means I sleep like a baby, perhaps because our heating is no longer included in our rent payments so this house isn’t as balmy as our old one. No more nights of insomnia, no more 4am frets, I’m asleep for 11 and awake at 7. I feel like a new woman.

– From my 12 week test results I’ve been diagnosed as being high-risk for developing pre-eclampsia. It’s a testament to the new laid-back version of me that this hasn’t been worrying in the slightest. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that the hospital are taking such good care of me – I’ll be in every 4 weeks for additional pulse, blood pressure and heart monitoring as well as extra scans. I got to see baby H again yesterday and it was wonderful.

– I discovered emailsfromcrazypeople.com

– I grew a baby bump, evidenced by a lovely lady offering me her seat on the tube.

I am ending this week feeling positive, excited and very happy. Still no internet at home (and it’s not going to be forthcoming until the beginning of Feb, argh), but on the bright side this is giving me plenty of time to cook for and attend to my poor, neglected husband. I really want to get cracking on my freelance portfolio but this will just have to wait whilst I chill out a bit longer. Ahhhhhhhhh……..

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  1. Hello Baby H! What a beauty you are. Not surprisingly though, look at your parents…
    Glad to read you are taking it easy and took some time off worrying. You’ll be fine!! xx MM

    Posted 1.15.10 Reply