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Malaysias Finest: Tropika Review

Malaysias Finest: Tropika Review

Tropika Review

Malaysia will always have a very special place in my heart. A week on the Malaysian island of Langkawi via Kuala Lumpur was the first ‘grown-up’ holiday I went on at the age of 20, and I’ve been desperate to go back ever since. It really is the most beautiful country, known for its beaches, rainforests and a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influencers. 

One of the things I loved most about Malaysia is, unsurprisingly, the beauty rituals. Their traditional ‘Jumu Massage’ is rather poetically described as “a beautiful dance between client and therapist, one that honours and offers healing to both”, though I would mark it down as ‘a bloody marvellous treatment’. It is from this beauty ritual that one of my new favourite beauty brands, Tropika, glean inspiration for their products.

Tropika is my favourite kind of business: family-founded and led by a busy mum of five (!!!). All their products are borne from a passion for natural health and wellbeing, and are actively used by the family – tested on them, not animals.

Tropika products are created by fusing botanical extracts such as ginger, eucalyptus and olive oils, with special virgin coconut oils. This results in formulas packed full of antioxidants and immunity-boosting essential fatty acids, that work to soothe and calm both mind and body.

Tropika Review

All of Tropika’s coconuts are sourced from local villages in Malaysia, making sure the local land and people are taken care of. The coconut milk is then specially fermented, requiring fewer coconuts to produce the same amount of oil that you’d usually expect. This means there are no chemicals in their oil and no nasty pesticides on the farm.

Tropika Review

I’ve been trialling a few of Tropika’s gorgeous products over the last couple of week and have been pleasantly surprised with just how lovely they are. The products are split into two categories: Mum’s Spa (for us!) and Little Spa (for the kids).

I know some express concern over the amount of chemicals in modern beauty products, and their all-natural Coconut Cleansing Oil is the perfect solution to those who want to remove make-up without worrying about the effect of harsh cleansers on sensitive skin. Their coconut moisturiser is also gorgeously gentle; rich and soothing, it’s the perfect solution for troubled skin.

But my absolute favourite of all the products is one not actually meant for me (sorry, kids!). The Little Spa Coconut Massage Oil with Lavender is my new go-to moisturiser: slathered on before bed after a bath or shower it’s soothing to skin as well as my mind, and scented with natural lavender extract it’s just the ticket to a peaceful night’s sleep. Plus it makes my bedsheets smell absolutely DIVINE. I’ve been using this product since I had an allergic reaction to an errant fake tan a couple of weeks ago (#beautyproblems) and it’s really helped soothe the irritation.

You can buy Tropika online at their store here – they’re just down the road from me in Bedfordshire so they get another ‘small local business’ tick in the box ;) Enjoy!

Thanks to Tropika for sending me their lovely products. I’ve had great fun enjoying my own little Malay beauty ritual with them these last couple of weeks. 

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  • This stuff looks lovely! I’ve never been to Malaysia but am reading a book set there at the moment that makes me yearn to go there. I loved Thailand though and the Thai massage is one of my favourite experiences of my time there!

  • These sounds great. Be interested to see how you get on with the cleansing oil! Malaysia is also high on my list of places to return to! Georgetown is a-mazing, especially if you like streetfood.

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