Tried and Tested: Scented Candles

scented candles

Scented candles: my new obsession. Or actually a not-so new obsession, as I’ve been burning the scented little lovelies for years and years and years, but an obsession that’s grown as time goes on. Though not this winter, because weirdly there’s something I find a bit odd about burning scented candles at Christmas time.

Bear with me on this one.

For me scented candles mean spring time, floral scents; they’re uplifting with promises of sunshine and daffodils, not cosy days on the sofa under winter blankets. I love them in my lounge, in my bathroom, in my bedroom – every room of the house from Spring (yay!) to Autumn. While I’m working, relaxing, or taking one of those loooong baths that happens once in a blue moon.

Scented candles are one of the best bits of being a grown up. I love them.

Here are my favourites… burn and be merry! Though don’t burn unaccompanied, obviously. Or near curtains. Or children. You know the drill.

scented candles - Diptyque

Arguably the most blogged about candle, Diptyque hails from Paris and creates some of the loveliest room scents you will ever sniff. I adore the Baies and Vanilla varieties, with Baies being their bestseller (I’m not surprised, it’s divine). Light one of these on an evening and you’ll enjoy a scent that will last a couple of days.

Get yourself down to Liberty where you can sniff them all (I often used to retreat to the Diptyque counter after work) or buy online. Maybe not a snip at £40 but they truly are the most elegant and beautiful smelling candles I’ve ever come across.

scented candles - cowshed

I adore pretty much anything the Soho House group touches: Shoreditch House, Soho House, Dean Street Townhouse, Pizza East, Cowshed Spa. Their products are truly not to be sniffed at (please excuse the pun…) and I love how the scent of their products takes me back to their venues.

Their hand wash and hand creme in particular is marvellous with a long lasting calming scent – you’ll always find it atop my bathroom basin. I’m also a fan of their Grumpy Cow uplifting candle (£30). I’m yearning for their amazing food and brand of relaxation just thinking about it…  will someone please take me to Babington House?

(sidenote: please reassure me you also have a Tangle Teezer in each room of your house?)

scented candles

I cooked a brilliant three bird roast one Christmas from Daylesford and have always rated their food, so who’d have thought they do such amazing candles as well? I picked up their Fig Leaf variety for half price with my Ocado shop this week so it was a total bargain, too. The scent may not be as sophisticated as Diptyque but it’s strong and it marks. Top marks, Daylesford.

Have I missed any? Which scented candles do you rate?


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  1. Lol I’m not a big enough fan of candles to say they’re one of the best things about being a grown up, what about wine?? I do love daylesford though, we adore the wild rabbit too and we’re long overdue a visit!x

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Ahh you know wine always comes first!!!!

      Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  2. Jenny wrote:

    Wow these all sound amazing Loving your tried and tested affair here. I will admit haven’t heard of these candles before I know oh the shame but now I want to go buy them so you did well darling as always :)

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Do let me know if you buy any – I swear they will change your life ;) x

      Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  3. Emma wrote:

    Thank you I have now bought a couple of diptyque (mini’s) to try having read your review. I always went for Jo Malone if I was having a splurge. I have also gone for a couple of Cowshed room sprays. Knackered cow and horny cow…erm…only the knackered cow resinates currently xEmma

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Oh lovely, do let me know how you get on! It was the minis that led me into diptyque addiction (I had some for Christmas). Hope you love them as much as I do!
      From a fellow knackered cow ;) xx

      Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  4. Chloe wrote:

    Milk House candles are my current favourite. They are local to me (but also sell online). I love the scent combinations, and the design is simple but classic. None of these airy fairy lightweight candles for me, I like a robust scent that really fills a room.

    Posted 3.3.15 Reply