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Treats To Buy For Your Friends During Lockdown

Treats To Buy For Your Friends During Lockdown

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Lockdown has been rough on all of us. Homeschooling, working from our bedrooms, not being able to see the people we love the most, missing the pub… have there been any upsides to this strange and enduring time? I think not!

Which is why it’s such a great point to send your friends – or those family members you miss so much – a little treat. In fact, I followed a Twitter thread this week of an acquaintance talking about how much she loves sending the most random of things to her friends just to make their day a little brighter, with one of her favourites being a big bag of manure for the garden! I asked no questions, but apparently the friend was absolutely delighted.

Below I’ve collated my best ideas of little treats and surprises you can send to your loved ones. And if you’re thinking of whizzing anything over to me, it’s food – always food.

Food boxes
As I’ve said, food is always a winner, and it’s been my saviour since we were all locked down. I’ve cooked so much I have a bulging fridge, but for special weekends there’s nothing more decadent than ordering a box from your favourite restaurant. If you’re based in the capital, Time Out has some brilliant recommendations of places that are delivering – with some posting nationwide. The Smokestak Valentine’s box is on my list!!

You can’t go wrong with a bunch of blooms – they brighten everyone’s home (and day!). I’ve taken so much pleasure in having the occasional bunch of blooms sent out to my friends – just to let them know I’m thinking of them – and the choice of cheerful and colourful flowers are expanding now we’re closer to spring. And if you have a friend who’s particularly green fingered, why not send them some bulbs so they can spend all their time at home out in the garden cultivating something gorgeous themselves? Tulip bulbs are a great shout as we’re ALMOST in the sunnier seasons.

Gift vouchers
Like what seems to be all of the population, I’ve spent a much-increasing time shopping online since I’ve been at home, buying everything I can from the web to save me spending too much time going to shops and busy shopping streets. So it’ll come as no surprise that some of the best things I’ve received from friends have been gift vouchers, from all kinds of stores (more food! John Lewis, beauty). A gift voucher is a wonderful way to show someone you care, while allowing them to choose something wonderful they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise think or be able to afford to buy themselves.

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A movie
Remember cinemas? Me neither!! It’s been great to have time to watch more Netflix during lockdown, but sometimes you just can’t beat watching a brand-new release from the comfort of your own home. So why not buy a movie for a friend, or even go one step further and sort them out with an Amazon Prime subscription? It’s such a thoughtful way of saying ‘I’m thinking of you!’


What treats have you sent to your friends and family during lockdown?

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