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Top 10 Underrated Outdoors Honeymoon Spots in Ireland 

Ireland is a magnificent country where you definitely should go on your Honeymoon. But the most popular places are usually highly overcrowded, so we made this list to show you the less popular places… 

  1. Jameson Distillery Museum (Dublin)?

The founder of Distillery Museum, John Jameson, was born in Dublin in 1740. At the age of forty, he founded his first personal distillery. At that time, a strong drink received the motto “Without Fear,” which has been preserved to this day. The case was continued by the descendants of the founder of the distillery. 

  1. Glendalough (County Wicklow)? 

The green valley of Glendalough, formed by a prehistoric glacier, became in the sixth-century refuge for the monk St. Kevin. Here he, along with other monks, erected a small monastery where, in addition to the church, they were located room for copying books, Round Tower, hospital, guest houses, and outbuildings. 

  1. Blarney Castle (County Cork)?

It is located in the south of Ireland, is fully consistent with the concept of castles of the Middle Ages located on a hill, it has underground passages, and there is a small lake nearby. But many tourists are attracted not so much by this as by a special “stone of eloquence.” According to this Irish tradition, anyone gains the gift of eloquence only by touching his lips, and this also helps to?write a dating profile. 

  1. Skellig Michael (County Kerry)? 

The rock of Michael is apparently named after the archangel Michael. He has been glorified in Christianity thanks to the victory over the devil who turned into a dragon. It is difficult to imagine that for 6 centuries this stone island was inhabited at the end of the 6th century a monastery was built from the rock fragments at the very top of the cliff. If you like architecture, then you definitely should visit this place. 

  1. Cathedral of Christ (Dublin)?

The territory of the Cathedral will be interesting to every visitor. History buffs will love to enjoy its ancient monuments, for example, visit the ruins of a priest’s house. Visit the territory of the tomb of Knight Strongbow, which painstakingly depicts a complete set of the knightly armament of the early Middle Ages.? 

  1. PowerscourtManor (Enniskerry)? 

Almost four hundred years later, it passed into the possession of Sir Wingfield as a reward for military achievements. In addition to the main building itself, there is a golf club and a luxury Ritz Carlton hotel. Here, you will be interested to look at the “pepper tower.” 

  1. Killarney National Park (County Kerry)?

Unique natural conditions are preserved here. As many as 10 thousand hectares, on which the park is located, are occupied by moorlands, gardens, and forests. Walking through the territory of Killarney National Park, you can visit the eponymous small town. Only about 15 thousand people permanently live here. 

? 8. Macross House (County Kerry, Killarney)? 

Flora lovers will love the Macross House Garden. For several months (from April to July), luxurious rhododendrons bloom here. Also, trees imported from other countries, including from the southern hemisphere, grow on the estate. Very close to the museum is a farm displaying the life and daily work of Irish villagers from the beginning of the last century.? 

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?9. National Museum of Leprechauns (Dublin)? 

Here, a leprechaun comes to each visitor, bringing a pot of gold.?Among the exhibits of this institution is a real rainbow, in full accordance with the legends, showing where the treasure with gold is located.  

  1. Bunratty Castle (County Clare)? 

The ancient Bunratty castle was built back in the 13th century on the site of the former Viking merchant camp. The stone castle was constructed by Edward de Claire. There you can take a trip to the Middle Ages and get to a feast in the Banquet Hall of Bunratty Castle.? 


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