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Tips and Tricks for Smooth Travels

Tips and Tricks for Smooth Travels

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Taking a well-earned vacation is everyone’s dream. Having the ability, be it financial or simply having the time, makes it even better. It is a time to create beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime for you and your kids. However, your dream vacation can turn into a travel nightmare and be overshadowed by a few hiccups that take the fun out of everything. The best part is these bumps along the way require a little bit of preparation. Below are tricks that will help make this experience be hustle free and leave you to concentrate on your trip.

Create a packing list

Trusting your brain to remember all the items you’ll be needing is the gravest mistake you could make. This is not no mean that mental lists aren’t essential but they should help you in preparing the final list at least a week before you travel. This creates enough time for you to remember items that you have left out before you depart. It also assists you in leaving out non-essentials that you thought you needed making the packing process faster.

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Learn a phrase or two of the local language

Making an effort in trying to grasp simple words in the local language will significantly improve your dialogues with the local people, thus improving interactions. Simple words like “please” and “thank you” add a personal touch to conversations making locals even more willing to help you. Downloading apps like Babbel is a great way to learn languages on the go, you can find it on your phone’s app platform, like iOS. This way you will always have a resource you can turn to- and it’s interactivity makes it fun also for kids.

Consider buying travel insurance

Being even just a couple of miles from home with no travel cover would make medical emergencies a nightmare- and with children accidents are inevitable. Additionally, with no one you know to help you at the snap of your finger, taking a trusted travel insurance cover will help you and your pocket rest easy in the worst possible scenario. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Make offline maps your companion

It’s a good practice to download offline maps of the places you are going to visit. They are particularly useful when the destination is quite remote, and there isn’t any internet reception. They also help you in saving the costs of buying many foreign sim cards when travelling in large groups as only one will be enough to make phone calls.

Create a timetable of activities you’ll partake in

Itineraries, however small, are vital when travelling. Researching on the places you are going to visit will help you get the general location, how to get there, and, most importantly, will inform you of any entrances or expenses you might incur. This helps you to prepare a budget and travel efficiently during your stay.

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Visit an Exchange bureau before you travel

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Acquiring Foreign currency way ahead before your voyage will allow you to get the best exchange rates hence saving cash. You will able to avoid the trouble of wasting time in airport terminals waiting for local currencies to be replenished as they do run out more often than not in major airports. Your card will technically be useless in most modes of transport in various countries as they only accept cash.

Photocopy important documents

Making copies of travel documents, especially passports, needs to be among the top things you should do on this list. Its importance can’t be overemphasized. Photocopies act as a backup in case you are robbed or misplace the originals during the whole travelling process. Some airlines would even allow you to travel with a copy of your passport in case it was lost and has been reported to the relevant authorities. This is just but to show their importance.

Carry a first aid kit with you

Minor headaches to allergic reactions can be dealt with without necessarily visiting a doctor. Cold medications come in handy, especially if you aren’t accustomed to the weather. Some delicacies might take a toll on your stomach and can be simply treated with medicated charcoal tablets. However, visit a doctor if symptoms persist

In conclusion, by following the pure nuggets of advice and being prepared, you will always have a quick solution when things go sideways.


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