Tick Tock

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

I know I am seriously broken record-esque here when I go on about how I can’t believe anybody has the time to be a mum and look after a house and husband, but really, who has the time??!

I have a baby who really doesn’t like to nap unless she’s snuggled in someone’s arms, a husband who works about 12 hours a day and a house that’s fairly old and therefore fairly dusty. Add to this lunch, dinner, bottles, playgroup, supermarkets, sicky muslins and you get one exhausted mummy with no spare time on her hands.

I’m so keen to start doing a bit of business in my spare time, but this is proving to be impossible as I have none! I can’t even remember the last time I read a blog post that belonged to someone other than myself.

Can somebody please tell me the secret of everlasting time?

  1. You've probably already tried this or already been told to try this … but have you tried using a sling to at least get some hands free time?

  2. I used to read and write blog posts on my BlackBerry while the babies were asleep on me. The only way in the early days! The mist will clear though, I promise. You'll start working out a nap routine (don't rush it yet), and then you'll get some free time back. x

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