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Thumbs Up To Muller Rice’s Remix

Muller rice remixed

My kids are into desserts. Typical children, right?

It’s definitely not genetic as I’m not so much into sweet things; I have a secret tub of Jude’s Salted Caramel ice cream in the freezer for ’emergencies’ but I’d generally rather eat a bag of crisps pre-dinner. I blame their love for the second course on nursery and school lunchtimes – they may get huge portions of fruit and veg there but they’re also offered the delights of crumble, jelly and chocolate brownies each and every day.

And so after every meal at home I’m greeted with the chorus “what’s for pudding?”

IMG_3060 IMG_3061

Recently I’ve been happy to serve them up with something a little bit different. We’re all fans of the good old rice pudding but rarely have it as it takes so long to cook in the oven – by the time I’ve thought about making one it’s 5pm and E always makes comments about ‘that time it took you so long to cook a shepherds pie that we ate it in our pyjamas, do you remember, mummy?’. So Muller Rice’s new dessert that merges the classic fruit corners with the traditional Greek rice pudding recipe of Rizogalo is perfect for us!

IMG_3067 IMG_3075

It comes in two varieties – Apple (Hux) and Strawberry (Elfie) – and are the perfect size to fill these two little tummies post-supper. You can see they’re not only a fan of the new remixed rice pots but also the good old thumbs up.

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You might have see Muller’s ambassador TastyB the bear in the latest Muller ads. He’s also the voice behind their Twitter account and is generally the best food or beverage-related animal I’ve seen since Gordon the Boar ;)

Bon appetit!

Thank-you Muller for sponsoring MTT!

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