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Three Affirmations to Live By When Starting a Business

More people than ever have managed to quit their day job and escape the rat race to work for themselves, but while it’s very possible to do so its normal to have doubts if you’re hoping to head in this direction. Here are three things to keep reminding yourself of. 

Your skills ARE good enough!

Maybe it’s your  love of cooking that’s driving you to start a catering business, or maybe your skills on the sewing machine have lead to you starting your own clothing boutique? Whatever it is you do, don’t doubt your skills. Whether they were acquired in the workplace or through a hobby, if you know you’re good at something then don’t doubt it. In some cases you might need to take a formal qualification or certification (for example, in catering it would be a food hygiene and safety certificate). But be proud of yourself, you have worked hard to build your skills and now is your time to use them. 

You CAN work around your other commitments

You might be put off the idea of starting your own business due to having to deal with other commitments, however running your own company allows you to be completely flexible. Maybe you’re working around raising kids or around a part time job, perhaps you’re looking after an elderly or unwell family member. Your business could be set up in your spare time and started small, from your own home to save on costs. That way you have the chance to make sure it works on a smaller scale before investing everything and giving up your day job. If you have other things going on in your life that you need to work around, having your own business is actually the ideal scenario. As the boss, you call the shots. You can choose your own working hours and use this income to supplement another job if you have one. 

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Success IS possible!

Starting out on any business venture can seem daunting, the media loves to remind us of how many small businesses fail in their first year and it can be enough to put you off even wanting to try. However, if you never try and don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams, you will never know. If you go about things in the right way, if you do your research and seek professional advice when needed for things like web design and marketing, you’ll maximise your chances of success. But while you might fail, you might also succeed and this decision really could change your life! 

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