Things I Don’t Have Time To Do As A Single Mum


4th July!!!

Duh. Blogging has gone right to the bottom of the priorities list, unfortunately. There’s separation stuff that I feel I probably shouldn’t be writing about because I don’t want to upset anyone, new relationship stuff – ditto, and the rest is pretty mundane. The annoying thing is, when there are things I feel I want to write about but can’t I get writers block and lose all my ideas. Inspiration, where are you?!

Elfie’s been going through a delightful patch of waking up at 5.30am which is fair to say is a killer. So it’s not really that I don’t have enough time to sleep, more that she won’t bloody let me. However, last week she woke up at 6.45 and today it was 7 freaking 30. Things are looking up I hope (as I touch everything vaguely woodshaped in sight).

See above. Nobody wants to roast a chicken/slow cook a beef bourguignon on four hours sleep. So it’s quite lucky I enjoy toast, fish fingers and sausages.

It’s fair to say I used to be a total housework nut. Not that I liked doing housework all that much but I always felt the need to live in a house that was immaculate. Part of the old anxieties, I guess. I still like the house to be as tidy as possible but when you’re trying to entertain two little people 24/7 it definitely becomes less of a priority. And it doesn’t matter!

Watch Jeremy Kyle/The Real Housewives 
These used to be my guilty pleasures, on in the background while I worked. I miss Jeremy so much that yesterday I caught myself Googling this. Bad times. Hot Jezza. I have to point out there is always time for Luther though.

It’s kind of unnatural to miss work but I definitely do. I’m enjoying being with the kids so much but I do miss the time I spend just me and my laptop (and sometimes the attractive tennis players I ogle when I’m working from the gym).

I miss you all!

  1. Such a cute family portrait! I remember having similar agh-can’t-write-that blockage when I went through a break up and blogging just had to take a natural breather whilst the dust settles. I hope you get some almost-lie-ins soon and it’s so lovely to see you looking and sounding so sparkly again.

  2. Don’t you worry about a thing, you are doing a flipping amazing job, we love you and are always here whatever. Sometimes a break is good for the soul (even if not enough sleep is involved)-I loved my 2 weeks away from all things social media on holiday-helps you refresh and prioritise. Keep a notebook by your bed and jot down ideas maybe to help with writer’s block…once you start writing (anything) things will flow even if you don’t publish. Life should always come before blogs anyway and you’re a gifted writer and blocks at time especially when a lot going on totally normal. Big hugs gorgeous one xxx

  3. Aww that photo is sooo cute! Echo to everything the lovely Vicki says above, a break is a good as a rest (an oldie I know but these sayings hang around for a reason) and I still think you’re blogging more than I have been recently! x

  4. it’s nice to read that other more experience bloggers worry about the sharing too much/upsetting people concerns and it leaves them starring at the screen not knowing what to write too. I hope you soon get more sleep!

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