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Things To Remember When Looking To Sell Your Property Quickly

Things To Remember When Looking To Sell Your Property Quickly

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The process of moving homes can be an arduous one, particularly when it comes to selling the property you already own. 

After all, prospective buyers are rightly picky about the properties they’ll eventually learn to call home, and they won’t settle for anything less than ideal. Many people are struggling here, even in places where the housing market seems be thriving, so it stands to reason that a few choice decisions could help turn everything around eventually. 

There’re no shortcuts to success here and ramping up the speed of the sale means spending more time on arranging everything in the most suitable fashion possible. After the jump, you’ll find a quick list on the factors you should be contemplating. 

Play with Kerb Appeal

Properties that sell quickly have had owners that’ve experimented with kerb appeal a great deal. 

The most obvious choice to first consider here is maximising the kerb appeal. This will mean painting window frames, overhauling the garden into something lush and wonderful, or even incorporating elements of fanciful lighting and grand security features, such as cameras. Some believe that the more your home has something to say about itself from the first glance, the better.

However, other outlets assume that minimising kerb appeal could conversely provide benefits too, suggesting that an unassuming outside area gives an impressive inside more of an impact upon prospective viewers. It’s an approach worth deliberating on, a gamble that might well create more memorable moments over the course of the viewing. Should your property be as loud inside as it is outside, it might risk creating a property less interesting or exciting. 

Of course, the true answer lies somewhere in the middle. Context is key here and should give you most of your answers on what to do with kerb appeal. For example, if neighbouring gardens look especially nice, it might best to fall in line with them so that your home doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on the street. If the neighbourhood is modest, then avoiding extravagance is a sure-fire plan for similar reasons. 

Undergo Electrical Safety Testing

You can provide prospective buyers with some exceedingly helpful assurances that may just give them the final push to put an offer down on your property. 

For instance, the electrical safety testing processes from Trade Facilities Services can be a poignant asset in your arsenal. They will check all the electrical appliances inside, making certain that faults are nowhere to be found. At the end of their inspection, they will suggest any requirements for changes to be made, indicate the present condition of the wiring, and eventually present you with a certificate once any remedial or preventative action is taken. 

This official document can then be used as proof that your home is in a sound condition, further incentivising others to buy it. Many problem properties often feature hidden faults, particularly with electrics in the way of wiring, so to have that evidence to hand is a huge asset in showing how brilliant your home truly is. 

Focus on Finishing Touches

When it comes to selling property, the finishing touches are varied and far ranging. 

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For example, it can be helpful to remove your ‘stamps of ownership’ on your property so that potential buyers can better imagine themselves dwelling there. This may involve removing things like personal pictures, decorating rooms in a more neutral fashion, or removing furnishings that quite clearly speak to the individual dwelling there, and few others. 

The idea is to eliminate as many obstacles as possible for prospective buyers. Last year, The Independent reported that half of property viewings in Britain were reported to be ‘disgusting’ by the viewers, citing filthy carpets, dirty dishes, and the smell of cats as being amongst the most off-putting sights witnessed. Therefore, a thorough clean is certainly called for also, so make sure your home is as presentable as possible prior to any viewings. 

Spread the Word

It doesn’t make sense to rely on others to spread the word of your sale alone. It could be a good idea to take matters into your own hands instead. 

Some people even consider selling their properties on to a personal friend or family member, so it might be that simply posting a quick ad on your social media could create a sale soon after. Of course, it might be unlikely, but if you really are keen to sell your property quickly, then it’s worth exploring every option you have available to you. 

Still, one of the bigger issues here is your friend or family member looking for ‘special treatment’ during the process. Don’t buckle to their demands if you don’t want to and look for a buyer elsewhere if you instinctually feel this person may be seeking to draw out the process longer than you feel is necessary. Entertain the idea of selling to someone you know, but don’t bet all your chips on this being the only way forward, just in case it isn’t! 


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