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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Bunk Beds For Kids
bunk beds

If you’re thinking about redecorating your kids’ bedroom, consider investing in bunk beds. Unlike conventional mattresses, bunk beds save floor space and are actually multifunctional. A room with fun and comfortable bunk beds will surely make it easy for your kids to sleep at night and bond with their siblings.

Today, bunk beds come in a wide variety of options, making it challenging for parents, like you, to choose one. Bunk beds are primarily used for sleeping, but disregarding several elements when buying can put your investment down the drain and your kids’ safety at risk.

bunk beds

Before heading out to buy any bunk beds for your kids, it’s important that you consider the following first:

  1. Safety Precautions

When choosing a bunk bed for your kids, safety is the most important factor to consider. All bunk beds are made to be slept in, but only very few are specially designed to keep kids safe.

Choose one that’s equipped with strong guyed rails to keep your kids safe from falling on the ground. Although most bunk beds come with these rails, it’s important to check if its measurements fit your kids’ height or weight. Railings that are either too small or too big for your kids won’t serve its purpose and will only cause accidents.

  1. Durable Materials

To cope with the demands of the market, more and more suppliers are now producing bunk beds that are made from different materials. However, two of the most preferred materials remain to be metal or wood.

Both wood and metal bunk beds come with their own sets of pros and cons. Take the time to compare your options, so you’ll know what the most suitable choice is.

  • Wooden bunk beds: Wooden bunk beds are made from different types of woods – from pine, cherry to hardwood. Wooden bunk beds are also available in different finishes, making it easy to complement the bedroom’s existing theme or design. Because of its sturdy and durable frame, you can expect that wooden bunk beds can last for years. But on the other side of the coin, the frame of a wooden bunk bed is also the reason why moving it around can be burdensome.
  • Metal bunk beds: Unlike wooden bunk beds, ones that are made from metal are lightweight. This kind of bunk bed is made from tubular metals and can be very easy to assemble and move around.

All thanks to its sleek and clean look, metal bunk beds can work well with minimalist-designed bedrooms. However, metal bunk beds can get squeaky and rusty over time.

  1. Room Size

Regardless of how cheap or durable a bunk bed is, if it doesn’t fit your kid’s bedroom, never consider buying it. Bunk beds can only serve its purpose if it’s placed in a room that can support its dimensions.

Get the measurement of your kids’ bedroom before buying their bunk bed. The height of your kids’ bedroom is vital when choosing a bunk bed. The height between the ceiling and the topmost bed mattress should allow your kids to stand up or at least sit-down. Buying a bunk bed that leaves too little space can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your kids.

Unless you’re planning to equip your kids’ bunk beds with pull-out drawers, bunk beds don’t require too much floor space. As long as your kids’ bedroom can accommodate the dimensions of a basic twin bed, you’ll easily find a bunk bed that fits.

  1. Cost

Buying a bunk bed will always cost money from your pocket. Regardless if you’re only planning to buy the most basic bunk bed for your kids, expect that you will still spend a few hundred dollars. You might be able to buy cheaper bunk beds, but more often than not, with this price, the safety features might be compromised.

For you to end up buying a bunk bed that provides value to your money, take the time to shop around. Visit physical stores and check websites that sell bunk beds. You should also determine which factors are most important to you. This way, you’ll know which areas are you willing to spend more.

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Aside from the price of the bunk bed, your cost should also cover the price of mattresses and its covers.

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By using this article as your guide, narrowing down your options can come off easier. You’ll save yourself from going in circles by trying to find the perfect bunk bed for kids.

If you like, you can even invite your kids to come with you when you’re buying their bunk bed. For sure, the idea of buying a bunk bed and sharing the room with their siblings will excite your kids!




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