Things That Won’t Calm My Crying Baby


Hux cried for two long, loud hours last night. It was reminiscent of the colic days, days so bleak I’ve managed to block them out of my memory. That awful crying babies do when they’re feeling miserable and sad but you can’t do anything to make them feel better and it breaks your heart.

It was bad enough when he was a tiny newborn baby and would scream for hours on end, but now he’s that little bit older and has such personality he looks at you with these expressive eyes. They say “mummy, I don’t feel good, please help me”, and you’re trying and trying but you can’t. I talk to him and sing to him to make him feel better (not surprised, Elfie usually says. “Mummy, please stop singing. It no good”) but he just whimpers with tears streaming, but on the upside no matter how upset he is he still likes to clap (his favourite trick) through his sobs.

We tried everything in an attempt to make him happy:

1. Rocking side to side
2. Rocking up and down
3. Singing
4. Milk
5. Water
6. Blankets
7. Teething powder
8. Paracetamol
9. Lights
10. Candlelight
11. Silence
12. Shhhing
13. TV on in the background
14. Kisses
15. Tickles
16. Sitting in his room
17. Being on his own
18. A foot rub
19. A back rub

Finally, the one thing that finally made him smile off to sleep at a late late 4am?

His Daddy sucking on his fingers.

My son, the deviant.

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  1. Eilidh wrote:

    How did you even think to do that? It’s do random haha! At least he settled in the end, poor wee Hux xo

    Posted 4.5.13 Reply
  2. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    The things tired parents will try to soothe their babies never fails to amuse me. Hope you’re not all too knackered.

    Posted 4.5.13 Reply
  3. Oh my life…I swear my heart just stopped for a second reading that last bit!

    Posted 4.5.13 Reply
  4. Kate wrote:

    It’s no fun is it? Glad you found “the thing”. Hope he’s brighter soon :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

    Posted 4.6.13 Reply
  5. How did he ever think of that?? What a remedy to crying eh… I’ll know to try it with mine next time :) ha!

    Posted 4.6.13 Reply
  6. Oh dear, you just made me chuckle out loud then! I am glad you found something that worked though!

    Posted 4.6.13 Reply
  7. Joanna wrote:

    I’ve had a couple of those kinda nights recently. Never thought to try that though, might give it a go next time :)

    Posted 4.7.13 Reply