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Things that have been making me cry recently

Things that have been making me cry recently

This post originally appeared in my old blog,

– Photo Memes – looooove…. ahhhh… SOB.

– John Lewis’s baby department – there is just so much stuff in there, it totally overwhelmed me and I had to be taken to Topshop to calm down.

– Glee – I have no excuse for this one and for that I am truly apologetic.

– My bank statement – “how are we going to afford a baby??!!”  and other irrational thoughts are keeping me up until the early hours.

– My tiredness – when will it stop?

– My scan photographs –  because baby is beautiful.

– Will, just not understanding me – irrational? Hormones? Moi?

Photo credit – Roadside Guitars

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  • Heh, is the crying thing something women do a lot? I used to do it before I was pregnant but now the frequency of my weeping episodes is going up and up and up…

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