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Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Divorced

Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Divorced

Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Divorced

Divorce. The big D. The dreaded split.

I knew nobody who’d got divorced when I made that decision with my ex-husband at the age of 27. We were trailblazers in the field of failed marriages, a badge I would rather not have worn at the time, much preferring to be trailblazing in another field (like blogging or hot dog eating, for example).

But it is what it is and I’m a firm believer that I am the person I’m supposed to be, thanks in part to my experiences during my marriage and subsequent single motherhood.

However, the process of divorce and what followed wasn’t easy, no siree. It was a very trying time in which I struggled emotionally, practically and financially, but I made it through though not unscathed but with a fair few lessons under my belt.

If this is something you’re about to go through, or if you know someone about to embark on a similar experience, this video’s for you…

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  • Thank you. Very much needed this today. 4th night of separation and very wobbly children…. and therefore wobbly me. BUT I know I can do this.

  • FYI, it’s your decree absolute; the decree nisi is the interim document that allows you to apply for your decree absolute. Plus, it’s a tad easier to pronounce. :) You sound like a great mom, and it’s lovely that you can co-parent so well. It really helps if one’s ex is a responsible, civil person; I think you’ve been very lucky there. However, it’s still very inspirational for women going through a divorce; we can’t all have pleasant ex-partners but we can all stand on our own feet. Kudos to you. :) x

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