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Things I Did When I Had No Internet

Things I Did When I Had No Internet



– Watched Celebrity Big Brother. Had arguments with my husband about watching Celebrity Big Brother.
– Washing up… Lots of washing up. Dishwasher due to arrive on Saturday (THANK GOD, all my plates are slightly dirty).
– Got to know my new crockpot. Boy do I love slow cooking.
– Moved house (duh).
– Took Elfie to the dentist for the very first time (our teeth rock, apparently).
– Continually played ‘dentist’ with Elfie. OPEN WIDE.
– Cleaned. A lot.
– Took Elfie sledging three times. Sledged myself once. Looked after husband with bad back due to sledging.
– Spent an obscene amount of money at the Co-Op, mostly on Haribo.
– Went 2.5 weeks sans booze.
– Started exercising. I hurt all over.
– Did a lot of jigsaws (age 3-5).
– Thought about my feelings and emotions. Lots.
– Got a bit bored of thinking about feelings and emotions.
– Had a couple of mini meltdowns. Perhaps thinking about feelings and emotions a bit much?
– Tried to find decent 3G signal in the new house (key areas: bath and next to fridge).
– Missed the Internet.

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