Things I Did When I Had No Internet

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– Watched Celebrity Big Brother. Had arguments with my husband about watching Celebrity Big Brother.
– Washing up… Lots of washing up. Dishwasher due to arrive on Saturday (THANK GOD, all my plates are slightly dirty).
– Got to know my new crockpot. Boy do I love slow cooking.
– Moved house (duh).
– Took Elfie to the dentist for the very first time (our teeth rock, apparently).
– Continually played ‘dentist’ with Elfie. OPEN WIDE.
– Cleaned. A lot.
– Took Elfie sledging three times. Sledged myself once. Looked after husband with bad back due to sledging.
– Spent an obscene amount of money at the Co-Op, mostly on Haribo.
– Went 2.5 weeks sans booze.
– Started exercising. I hurt all over.
– Did a lot of jigsaws (age 3-5).
– Thought about my feelings and emotions. Lots.
– Got a bit bored of thinking about feelings and emotions.
– Had a couple of mini meltdowns. Perhaps thinking about feelings and emotions a bit much?
– Tried to find decent 3G signal in the new house (key areas: bath and next to fridge).
– Missed the Internet.

It’s good to be back!

  1. It’s good to have you back :) you’ve been missed! I think about you every time I make toast.. and having had to rely on the local coop all week, I’ve eaten a lot of toast.

      1. I wish I did. Scrambled eggs all the time here too. It’s about the only thing that the kid will eat for lunch, so it just keeps happening. She didn’t like toast until last week though, so that’s new!

  2. we actually dropped the kids off at their grandparents and went sleding all by ourselves!! great fun. also, i bet you slept better without the internet? i know i do the nights i switch everything off!

  3. Missed you Alice. You would have had to be made of stone not to go through snow/house move with 2 tiny children/no internet/no dishwasher/poorly husband AND CBB without a couple of meltdowns. x

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