The Weekend

This weekend I recovered from my tummy bug, went sofa shopping (not very successful but we ended up with this – so it was a success for the male member of this family), had our first roast Sunday lunch in forever and soaked up some english rays. And WORKED. Work work worked.

I could tell you the story about the John Lewis clearance sofa I fell in love with and missed buying by 5 minutes, but to be honest I’m still pretty traumatised by the whole debacle. The story ends with: we move house in 2 weeks and have nothing to sit on. ARGH.

Also: someone got a new lens! I have been craving one for such a long time; I love my Canon 400d to pieces but outgrew the kit lens about a year ago. After doing a bit of research into those my favorite online photographers use and seeing a similar lens in the sale, I bit the bullet and bought one. I love it.


(I was on gravy duty)

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  1. Kat wrote:

    don’t tease – which lens did you get?

    Posted 4.20.11 Reply
  2. alice wrote:

    It’s this – – though I was too impatient to wait for Amazon’s delivery so I picked it up for the same price in John Lewis! Such a good buy, I love it.

    Posted 4.24.11 Reply