The Weekend, By Instagram

Soft play areas, mummy and daughter lunch dates, early morning rugby and huge breakfasts, the most delicious roast dinner at The Bell and Bear, tug-of-war at the village fete, the nosiest neighbour you’ll ever meet, pyjama-clad evenings in front of the X Factor and sleep. Lots of lovely sleep.

  1. In the following order:
    aw, aw, aw, nom, nom, fun, aw, aw, cute!
    I’ve noticed you’ve been on a bit of a chip pilgrimage recently – what do you think of The Bell and Bear chips? I’ve been known to give them 11/10!

    1. We had a roast there last weekend so didn’t have chips (but E had fish fingers and chips)… I sneaked one and they were AMAZING. Will definitely return for the chips at another time.

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