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What do you want from your day-to-day work?

Most people would claim they worry about their income and maintaining their lifestyle. But imagine that you don’t have to worry about your income – not that it doesn’t matter, but removing it from the equation at that point allows you to get in touch with your true desires. Most of us want a meaningful job that lets them connect to others. It’s a natural behaviour; we all want to leave a trace in history. Fulfilling a purpose that transcends your needs is by far the safest way to give meaning to your skills.

It is wired in our DNA to want to help others and make life everywhere a little better. Not all of us are comfortable facing the selfless part of their personality. Ultimately philanthropy is often associated with large donations. But when you don’t have Bill Gates’s bank account, you can feel awkward trying to make a difference in the world. You can, however, use your skills to start a home-based business that can help people around you.  

A blog doesn’t only let you connect

Blogging might have been around since the 1990s, but it’s a lot more than a hobby. Blogging can be a real career. At the heart of it, you need to blog from the heart, talking about the good and the bad things and being entirely honest about your experience. Countless bloggers found their audience by chance when they get to meet online people who are going through a similar situation. Your blog can motivate someone when they’re going through a difficult time. You can provide guidance and answers when they’re lost. You can bring joy. You can bring people together. You can inspire to try out something new or just find the strength to grow.

Could you be a life coach?

With a blog, you’re helping without really knowing. Some people can reach out via comments or emails to tell you how much you’ve helped them. But if you prefer to have a direct connection with those who might be going through a hard time, you should consider a life coaching activity. A life coach is not a therapist. It’s almost a friend who can provide tailored guidance. You might want to boost your social and psychological skills first – there are some great accredited online social work program options around. You can create individual plans and meeting sessions to help someone go back to their usual self after a breakup or a change of job, for instance.

Give back without expecting anything in return

Maybe, you’ve got craft skills you only use as a hobby. An American teen, Dillon Eisman, has started an inspiring craft business at home to provide clothes for LA’s homeless people. He’s decided to upcycle clothes for his local homeless population in a desire to bring them hope and better chances to get a job. Your craft skills, from sewing to building furniture, could be repurposed in a similar way.

It’s never too late to turn your home-based business – or create a side-hustle – into something that can give you more meaning. Listen to your inner voice. What touches you? You have in you the possibility to make a difference and help others; what more important is that helping can be a business idea.


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