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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Not On The High Street Mother's Day

We all owe our respective mothers a great debt. Having gifted us all with the lives we’re now living, it would be remiss not to repay them, albeit in a disproportionately small way. Fortunately, there’s an occasion designed for doing just that: that of Mother’s Day.

If you’re short on inspiration for what to get, then fear not: we’ve got just the inspiration you need to pick out something original. Let’s take a look at a few candidates. Some of them are obvious; others are a little more distinctive; all of them match the occasion perfectly.


Modern women have access to an impressive array of beautifying tools. There’s nail varnish, eyeliner, and several dozen forms of makeup. Your mother, by now, will probably have an idea of what she does and doesn’t like; your job is to assess her tastes and buy something to match – while keeping things a little bit fresh and surprising.


Stuff that smells makes for a fantastic gift – and there are a range of aromatics available. Bath salts, bath bombs, and other water-based products will all make it easier for your mother to unwind. But a scented candle is among the most practical products of this sort, as it can be set up on a living-room table and left for the evening.


Flowers serve much the same purpose – except that as well as looking great, they also smell fantastic. Arrange this one in advance with a reputable florist, and ensure that they’re just coming into bloom on the day itself. Carnations are traditional for this occasion, but just about any sort of flower will make her feel appreciated.


Just about every mother likes chocolates. Don’t settle for anything cheap: it’s always better to go for a small amount from a respectable chocolatier than a large tub of the standard stuff. After all, this is a gift that’s meant for one person to enjoy. A luxurious box of chocolate truffles is sure to hit the mark.

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Buying jewellery for Mother’s Day can be pretty tricky. You don’t want anything that’s overly showy, or that’ll distract from the other jewellery she might favour. You’re looking for something tasteful and low-key, that’ll provide a reminder of your gesture every time she wears them. Go for something that can be worn on a daily basis, and you’ll provide that reminder more often.


Few items are quite as practical as a handbag. It’ll allow your mother to carry around all of her possessions in style. If you don’t know quite what to look for, then be sure to consider her previous purchasing decisions. If she hasn’t treated herself to a new bag in a while, then go for something that’s roughly the same size, shape and colour as the last one.

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