The Summer Sofa

Can we just pause for one moment and appreciate just HOW glorious this weather is?

Granted, I spent most of today in an office writing press releases (which was actually quite good fun… just don’t tell anyone I said that) but I busted out my trainers this evening to enjoy a run in the evening sunshine.

Well, kind of. I’m not going to be sprinting a superfast 10k any time soon, but I have joined the beginner’s class at my local running club.

I used to howl with laughter at my mum’s suggestion I join this course. I mean, how hard can running be? You don’t need to learn it, right? You just put one foot in front of the other really fast: that’s running.

Well, apparently it’s a bit more technical than that. It’s all breathing and pacing and camaraderie and stuff, which you can’t really do on your own, or even with an app. Which is how I found myself running 2km with 59 other out-of-shape aspiring runners this evening by the canal in the setting sun. I almost enjoyed it.

Spending time outside like that in such gorgeous weather, at one with nature or whatever (at least as close as nature as you can get in Milton Keynes) always leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed about my home environment. I’ve been Konmari-ing the hell out of my belongings recently and it feels wonderful to start a new season with something of a clean slate.

But the thing is, I’ve only just re-done my living space. So I’m forbidden to buy any more furniture, or start slapping paint around.

You see, back in the time of the re-decoration it was the dead of winter. Which meant I went with dark colours, wanting to hunker down and surround myself with womb-like warmth, calming hues of blue and contrasting black and white. When it’s cold outside our living space is cosy, warm and welcoming. We love it.

summer sofa

But at the same time, now we’re being treated to sunny days and longer nights I’m suddenly being drawn towards nature. I’m craving light colours, bright colours, vibrancy and excitement. Help!

Because it would be impractical to buy a new sofa only six months after the old one moved in, especially now the children are older and don’t feel the need to smear EVERYTHING on my home furnishings, I’ve done a little virtual makeover instead.

And so I present to you: my styled summer sofa.

My Summer Sofa

Inspired by the great peony (which MUST be in season soon and therefore all over Instagram, surely?) this Multiyork sofa is neutral with accessories in touches of of pink and green. I adore House of Hackney and their astronomically priced cushions (150 quid for a square of feathers? Get real ;) so it’s fab to see a more reasonably priced alternative- just over a tenner at And then there’s this lovely Watershed woollen throw for £59 at Not On The High Street.

Summer sofa complete.

I feel like I must apologise to Hux, as this sofa completely strips him of the masculinity he’s used to with the dark blues and monochrome touches. How about I promise a boy-den, just for him, when he reaches his teenage years?


Collaborative post. 

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  1. Gemma wrote:

    The weather is gorgeous isn’t it!?! It’s a shame this weekend is supposed to be rubbish :( I know what you mean about wanting to use light colours as the weather gets nicer. I love both the cushions and the pink glass! So pretty!

    Gemma x
    The British Feather – Life, Travel & Home Decor

    Posted 4.21.16 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      We’ve had about three hours of sunshine over here… sigh. I guess there’s always next weekend!

      Posted 4.24.16 Reply