The Single Life

When divorce was on the cards I think it’s safe to say I was absolutely and completely terrified about being alone. I’d gone from living at home, to University halls, to a shared flat with Will and 2 housemates and from thereon in it was just the two of us. When you live with someone for such a long time you fall into routines, divisions of labour, patterns of living. I was really scared of the upset to my life that living alone might bring… I’d never hung a shelf or took a bin out, how would I cope?

But it turns out there are more things than shelving that I like to do when single. Way more.

– THE BIN. Before I was single I had nothing to do with the bin unless I was putting stuff in it. It’s heavy and smelly and I just didn’t like it. I still don’t but I am ridiculously proud that I now empty it and put it out in time for the bin men each and every week.

– Finances were always a bit scary to me. I don’t know why – perhaps because I was never the one earning the most so I didn’t know what was coming in and out – but now it’s all up to me. To make things that bit easier I’ve been looking to switch bank accounts so I can get my financial products in one place, carrying out a weekly budget overview and keeping all receipts. I’ve got spreadsheets (pink), direct debits and filing systems, such a grown-up (psst… if you’re looking to switch accounts too the Halifax have some great offers).


– I’m tidy. Seriously tidy. But sometimes just to be rebellious, because nobody’s going to see it, I leave a mess. I don’t fill the dishwasher, I don’t hang my clothes up, I leave the toys out. I know – I live on the edge, yeah – but when I live with someone I like to make sure the house is perfect so it’s good to let loose. WILD.

– My big thing recently have been my bikini waxes. It might sound like a weird thing to get excited about but I never really bothered before after a particularly painful experience back in 2009. The razor, it was my stubbly itchy friend. But I recently found a waxing therapist who is perhaps the best person to come into my life since I was single: not only does she make me feel completely normal about being naked from the waist down but getting waxed now DOESN’T HURT. Magic. If you live within a half an hour of Milton Keynes you must visit her at the MK Waxing Studio.

– I now do DIY projects. Well, kind of. I bought, sanded and painted my new bed and it it is the favourite thing in my house (but took forrrrrrever). I also refurbished my kitchen table and chairs (badly)… it’s cheesy to say but I don’t really see the imperfections, am just proud I did it on my own. And for all the stuff I can’t do, well, that’s what Dad’s for.

The single life… it ain’t that hard.


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