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The Sandals I’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Ahhh, summer. My favourite time of year. The sunshine, the pub gardens, the bare shoulders, the Pimms, the bright colours, the flowers in bloom… I don’t trust anyone who professes not to love this season with the joy of a thousand Teletubby sunshines.

It’s just the best.

Literally my entire wardrobe is geared towards the sunshine and I am not apologetic about it.

We’re nearing the end of June now and, dare I say, almost ready to fully embrace the goodness that summer brings (HEAT AND HEAT AND HEAT AND SUNSHINE! YES! MORE! PLEASE!), but with that comes a shift in tactics when dressing. In the spring I’m basically trainers (I’m a Converse or Stan Smiths girl) with everything, but bring on the hotter months and I find myself reaching out for the sandals.

But what kind of sandals, I hear you say?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

flip flops

Sandals I’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Closed Toe
I’ve recently become acquainted with the closed toe sandal, thanks to my friend who lives in Ibiza. A genius mix of sandal and shoe, this kind of footwear is perfect for the summer days when you just need a little bit more structure on your feet. I wore mine last week for a day striding around London and they were perfect.

The Gladiator sandal is an old classic: remember when they were huge a few years ago? And for good reason; they’re comfortable, stylish, and really cool for the days when you need a lil extra air circulating to your toes. Uppersole have a range of womens sandals with some fabulous gladiator options, so do check them out.

Block Heel 
For those days when you need to get a little bit dressier, block heel sandals are where its at. Comfortable, practical yet stylish, they’re perfect for any summer sporting events (Henley, anyone?), or summer weddings too as your heels won’t sink into the grass like they do with stilettos (and we’ve all been that person whose stilettos has sunk into the grass, haven’t we?).

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OK, so sometimes we can’t get away with not wearing stiletto heels in the summer. And, lets face it, they do always look lovely if a little impractical. For those times you need these amazing stiletto caps, which you simply slot over your heels for all your grassy needs. My friend had a bucket of these for all the ladies at her wedding recently, and it was hugely appreciated by us all!

Flip Flops 
Truth be told, flip flops will forever and ever be my summer sandal of choice. Comfy and cool, I admit to not just wearing them around the pool or to the beach: you’ll find this shoe (I favour classic black styles) on my tootsies when I pop to the shops, water the garden or head to the pub. I might be biased but I think they go with anything – from summer dresses to jeans to shorts to jumpsuits. A total treat for the feet, in my opinion!


What shoes will you be wearing this summer?

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