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The power of words in marketing

The power of words in marketing

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We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, but in marketing it’s the words that count. Get it right and you can have a successful business or campaign; get it wrong however, and not only will you be left with a red face, you could be left a less-than-ideal PR situation or worse.

Here are our top tips for getting it right. And don’t forget there have been plenty of big name brands that have got it very wrong over the years – Pepsi anyone?! Just, try not to repeat their mistakes!

Repetition, repetition, repetition

There’s a reason politicians hammer-home a point with repetition – it sticks. In every interview they do, they repeat the same stock phrases, and big name brands do the same.  When you think ‘Nike’ – you immediately think ‘Just Do It’. The repetition of this has been used for decades in every campaign.

To create a campaign that packs a punch, find a stock phrase or slogan – ideally one that’s short and snappy and use it for everything. And customers will start to gain some brand recognition and association.

The art of…

A vague yet intriguing title is sometimes all it takes to get the customers to continue reading. Whether this is the header for an email, an Instagram story, or brandished on a poster. By keeping your customers on their toes with elusive phrases, you’ll drag them into the narrative, so they find out the answer to your mysterious wording.

Power words

Power words trigger a psychological and emotional response. They incite a feeling, action, or opinion. The right power word can make consumers desire a product, click ‘buy now’, or trigger a memory. The key is finding the power words for your brand that elicit that response, and that’s where you should implement A/B testing with your marketing.

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Start by creating two almost identical marketing campaigns and tweak the language ever-so-slightly, and then test the two versions on different people. This could be done with email marketing, in which half your database gets one email, and the other half gets the other, or it could be a paid ad on social media. Once you’ve run both campaigns, analyse the data to see which one was more successful – whether your KPIs are click-rates, conversions, or followers.

The synonym technique

The humble, unassuming synonym can help change the flow and impact of your message. Have a play around with words that have the same meaning as each other to find the perfect one to help you convey that emotive message you’re looking for. And don’t forget to try it out on people.

It’s important that businesses not only focus more on sculpting their product language but looking at where they’ll showcase this language. Traditional offline marketing materials like flyers and leaflets are an obvious choice, but the language you choose online is important too. Your words are a powerful tool in getting your business message across – so choose them wisely.

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