The Old Post Office – And Us! – On RightMove

After my much-thumbed Instagram, Rightmove is the most-used app on my phone. I spend hours, absolutely hours, combing through houses I will never live in located in places I will never visit.

There’s just nothing like a snoop inside the lives other people lead, and I adore trying their homes on briefly, like window shopping six-inch heels I’ll never wear, or perusing bakeries for cakes I’ll never eat (anyone else do this?!).

the old post office the old post office

So when RightMove wanted to come and have a look around our home themselves, and have a chat with me about the journey to our rented house, The Old Post Office, I was thrilled to welcome them with a cup of tea.

I won’t tell you all that was said – you’ll have to click through to see our moving story on their website – but we chatted about how I feel about renting (I hate its stigma – for now it works well for us), how I found the process of securing a home on our own, just the three of us, and my favourite bits of the house.

the old post office



the old post office

And if you look carefully you might see three familiar smiling faces on the RightMove homepage!

I love these photos of us in The Old Post Office and will treasure them forever.

the old post office

the old post officeAs I will treasure all the confused text messages from friends saying ‘errr, is that you on the RightMove homepage?’. Yes, yes it is.

It’s pretty special when your favourite app becomes your real life.

Huge thanks to RightMove for featuring us and our moving story – take a look here to read all about how we found our happy in our home!



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